Podcast: How to create an effective intranet

Do you know how to create an effective intranet? What questions should you ask when putting a business case together? What does it mean to have an effective intranet? What does good look like? Today we are diving into all things intranet related via my Candid Comms podcast. Grab a notebook for this one! You’ll […]

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How to solve the right problems with your intranet

Want to see what other organisations are doing now to engage and support employees across their digital workplace? Real-life events offer unparalleled opportunity to learn from peers. I couldn’t agree more with this view from Wedge Black, @wedge. He’s here with a guest post to share news about the upcoming Intranet Now conference on 7 June 2019. If […]

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What to call an intranet

What should you call your intranet? Should an intranet have a name? How can you choose the best name for your intranet? If you’ve ever worked on a project looking at a new intranet, chances are you’ve had this discussion. In this article you’ll find examples of existing intranet names and advice from professional communicators, […]

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How the National Trust created their intranet

“How do you keep a secret in the organisation? Put it on the intranet.” Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be that way. If your intranet is the place PDFs go to die, there is hope. Today I’ve got a guest post for you by Sue Palfrey, Head of Internal Communications at the National Trust here […]

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Inside story of first open Council intranet

Devon County Council is the first council to put its staff pages (intranet) in the public domain. This site is public and accessible to everyone. This means that employees who are managed by partner organisations, such as the NHS, can view the same information. What’s the one piece of advice to enable you to do […]

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Tactical vs strategic intranet managers – which one are you?

What are your personal priorities for your intranet and how do they influence its development? Your daily activities demonstrate your approach more than any strategy document. Wedge Black, @Wedge, helps organisations improve the navigation and content of their intranet, and writes about intranet best practices for ClearBox Consulting. Here he looks at the topic of tactical vs strategic […]

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Fancy speaking at the Intranet Now conference?

Got a story to share with other communicators about the good, bad and ugly side of running your intranet? If you’ve always fancied speaking at a conference, but never given it a go, here’s your chance. As a well-rounded internal communicator, you’re sure to be involved with digital and intranet communications. The Intranet Now conference is about more […]

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Three ways to use your intranet to improve IC

Finding the perfect intranet software for your business is challenging. Developing that software to improve internal communications strategies, however, can be even harder. You want to know that you’re using your intranet to full advantage, increasing employee engagement, and improving communications throughout your company. Can your intranet accomplish all that? Fred Schrader is a Search Engine Marketer […]

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Discover the secrets of effective intranets

Every year the Intranet Innovation Awards celebrate new and innovative approaches for intranets, enterprise social networks (ESNs) and digital workplaces around the globe. What can we learn from the winning entries and what trends are emerging? What approach and designs are working well for organisations? Steve Bynghall (pictured) is a freelance consultant and writer specialising in […]

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How to structure your intranet

How does your intranet affect your ability to reach colleagues, communicate important matters, and start dialogues? Intranets may be the foundation of your digital internal communications, but they have to be designed and configured in the right way. I have news of a course to help you do just that, and a guest post to […]

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How to simplify your intranet

When did you last analyse your intranet and had the opportunity to think through what you want it to achieve? How can you simplify your intranet? These topics were part of Tuesday’s #intranetnow workshop in London organised by Wedge Black @wedge. Carolyne Mitchell @cal444 is the Team Leader of South Lanarkshire Council‘s newly formed Digital Team. Here […]

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Countdown to Christmas: Day 16 – Intranets

So you have a shiny new intranet waiting in the wings, what is the best way to introduce it and get employees excited about the changes you’ve been working so hard on? I’ve been a fan of the “long wow” approach adopted by Aviva since hearing about it a couple of years ago – that […]

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