A Question of Comms: Anne Marie Kiernan

The latest Comms pro to sit in my hot seat is Anne Marie Kiernan, Head of Internal Communications at Kellogg Europe.

Read on to discover Anne Marie’s top radio show recommendation, plus her advice for people wanting to work in this field.

Would you like to sit in my hot seat? Here’s the questions you need to answer for the chance to see your name here.

I’ll hand you over…

Q) What’s the best career advice you’ve been given or read?

To be clear on my personal brand so that everyone I know experiences that brand when they meet with me. Also to be aware of limiting beliefs that might be holding me back.

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Q) What do you love most about working in this field?

The chance to make a difference and elevate our profession

Q) What is the biggest challenge internal communicators face?

Not being able to stick to a plan because it’s always changing.

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Q) What phrase or statistic do you repeat constantly in your work?

Employee generated video, culture of conversation, listening leaders, the role of communications in building the workplace of the future – I could give you a long list!

Q) What advice would you give someone thinking about starting a career in comms?

You don’t have to have a comms or marketing qualification just a great command of your language and a passion for storytelling.

Q) What does a typical day or working week look like for you?

No two days are the same, it’s hectic but exciting. My work is very diverse, from counsel for the area president, to video storyboarding, from creative visuals to guiding someone on tone of voice. It keeps it interesting.

Q) Name a book or podcast you think every communicator should learn from, and why you’ve chosen it.

Engage for Success Radio – great variety of subjects covering the breath of employee experience. Provocative and full of ideas you can try

Q) What’s your top tip to make sure internal comms is inclusive?

Involving any business representative groups as a sounding board.

Q) Where can people find you online?

The best place to find me is on LinkedIn.

Post author: Anne Marie Kiernan.

Thank you very much Anne Marie, I enjoyed reading your answers. I recommend checking out the Engage for Success radio show she mentioned. See the website too for lots of advice and guidance on all things employee engagement related.

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First published on the All Things IC blog 5 July 2020.

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