When you are working in-house as an internal communicator, it can be an invigorating and fulfilling experience.

It can also feel isolating, challenging, frustrating and lonely.

You’re in a visible role, often without peers, and expected to know all the answers.

I’ve been there. I understand how you feel and created the All Things IC Inner Circle to support, advise and nurture in-house internal communicators.

How do All Things IC Inner Circles work?

If you’d like to work confidentially with a small group of peers, our Inner Circles are for you.

We have two options available – one Rachel leads for senior-level Directors or Heads of IC, and one Caroline leads for Senior IC Managers or IC Managers.

You’ll benefit from a small circle of fellow Comms professionals to share your experiences, problems and successes with.

We’re accountable to each other and All Things IC supports and guides the group, so everyone can succeed.

Our Inner Circles are only open to six Comms professionals at a time.

Apply today for the Spring 2024 cohorts.

What's it like to be part of an Inner Circle?

Alexandra Bîrlădianu has worked in IC worldwide for more than a decade, with experience in PR and corporate responsibility.

She says: “The Inner Circle is a gathering of professionals with a lot of experience. The benefits of the monthly meetings, both one on one with Rachel and as a group are fantastic. We have a lot of similar challenges but everyone has different approaches, so to tap into that knowledge is absolutely fantastic.”

How does the Inner Circle Mastermind work?

Alexandra continues: “Each time we pick a topic, and then everyone in the group shares how they would approach it or how they’ve approached it in their role. One by one we discuss a professional challenge that we have and then we receive advice from the group. That’s just brilliant because normally you don’t have the space and the access to these brilliant minds including Rachel’s.”

If you’re not sure which option to choose, do get in touch.

What's it like to be part of an All Things IC Inner Circle?

Emma Tobin is Director of Internal Communication and Engagement at The AA.

She says: “Being fairly new to a bigger role in a new organisation with all the challenges that brings, the support I had from All Things IC has been invaluable. The one-to-one mentoring gave me the opportunity to get great advice and really challenged my thinking.

“The group sessions were an opportunity to discuss issues we were all facing and learn from people in the same situation. A really great, valuable experience I would highly recommend.”

What can I expect?

All Things IC Inner Circles are a confidential group of in-house professionals in a combination of mentoring and masterminds. We don’t publicise who is in it, but members can choose to share their involvement. Please note this is not suitable for Comms Consultants.

This is how Rachel’s Inner Circle works:

  • You’ll benefit from monthly two-hour virtual Masterminds (via Teams) as a cohort. This gives everyone the opportunity to sit in the hot seat and benefit from the collective wisdom of the group.
  • In between sessions, we use a private discussion forum to test ideas, ask for advice and communicate with each other.
  • Power Hour 1-2-1 every month, so we can personally support and advise you.
  • Access to two Online Masterclasses (non-VIP) to use yourself, or gift to a colleague or mentee.
  • Plus you’ll be sent an exclusive All Things IC Inner Circle bundle of stationery.

Inner Circle membership

Would you like to be considered for Rachel’s next cohort? Your investment is £6000 +VAT. Applications are welcomed from in-house professionals from around the globe.

We can also offer our Inner Circle membership without the Power Hours or Online Masterclasses. Your investment for this option is £3000 +VAT.

If you are interested in Caroline’s Inner Circle, please register your interest via the form. Your investment will be £2500 +VAT.

Applications are now open for the Spring 2024 cohorts.

What people say
about All Things IC

I have to admit I was a little apprehensive when I first joined the Inner Circle, but from the very first session my fears were allayed and I quickly felt at ease in the group. The format actively encourages vulnerability and I have hugely benefitted from hearing other perspectives and have drawn from the rich experience of a small but perfectly formed group of highly experienced communications practitioners working across a range of sectors. Rachel and the All Things IC team excellently facilitate the Mastermind sessions, offering their insights and wisdom when required as well as generously sharing relevant resources.

Mark Dorey

Assistant Director of Communications and Engagement (Community), University of Leeds

What people say
about All Things IC

Being part of the Inner Circle for six months was brilliant. A regular 'safe-space' to talk things through with peers was so helpful. From a simple sense-check to trying to solve knottier problems that other's have tackled was incredibly valuable.

Charlotte O'Reilly

Head of Internal Communications and Engagement, British Red Cross