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When you are working in-house in a senior level Comms role, it can be an invigorating and fulfilling experience.

It can also feel isolating, challenging, frustrating and lonely.

You’re in a visible role, often without peers, and expected to know all the answers.

I’ve been there. I understand how you feel and created the All Things IC Inner Circle to support, advise and nurture Comms Directors and Heads of IC.

How does The All Things IC Inner Circle work?

If you’d like to work confidentially with a small group of peers, the Inner Circle is for you.

At its heart are fellow Comms professionals to share your experiences, problems and successes with.

We’re accountable to each other and I support and guide the group, so everyone can succeed.

The All Things IC Inner Circle is only open to six Comms professionals at a time and runs for six months.

What can I expect?

We have monthly two-hour virtual Masterclasses as a group, which includes a Mastermind.

This gives everyone the opportunity to sit in the hot seat and benefit from the collective wisdom of the group.

I also have a monthly Power Hour with members 1-2-1, to personally support and advise you.

In between sessions, we use a private forum to test ideas, ask for advice and communicate with each other.

Would you like to be considered for the next cohort? Your investment will be £5000 and applications are now open for the March 2022 cohort.