Do you know how internal communication happens inside your organisation?

Are your employees feeling disconnected from each other, or from leaders?

Is communication flowing well, or is something getting in the way?

Do you know how well your communication channels are performing?

Perhaps you’ve just joined an organisation and want to understand what’s in place.

All of these situations occur frequently and lead to the same conclusion – the need to audit your internal communication.

To audit means to listen, or hear, and that’s our mindset at All Things IC. We’ve conducted 20 audits over the past decade for organisations including British Red Cross, SES Water, Vodafone, Zoological Society of London, Marshalls ADG and many more.

We’ve developed a four-stage process:

Scoping: we work with you to determine your desired outcome and plan our time.

Assessing: we analyse what is in place inside the company and how internal communication happens.

Listening: we listen to employees, this is typically via surveys and focus groups.

Reporting: we create a comprehensive audit report and playback deck for clients. It contains our findings, quick wins and longer-term recommendations.

Our audit reports give internal communicators and their organisations the evidence they need to make informed decisions and transform their internal communication.

An IC team invited All Things IC to help them look at how hard their IC channels were working and how effective their content was. The team wanted practical advice and support that could be implemented quickly.

“The review of our channels and sharing best practices has allowed us to understand our gaps, things to stop, start and continue and also where we are doing things well. We had great interaction from All Things IC. They were very organised, flexible when needed to change a session due to commitments and thorough in the process of the project.”

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Support while you audit

If you don’t have the budget to outsource, we can support you remotely by having calls before, in the middle and at the end of your audit.

Your investment is £1499+VAT and includes three x one-hour calls with an All Things IC Comms Consultant, for you or your IC team and a copy of our guide to running effective focus groups.

We will be a virtual extension of your team and you can use your confidential conversations to share/decide your audit questions, problem solve and brainstorm solutions and ideas. During our calls we’ll typically cover topics such as what to audit, how to do it, how to present your findings and how to prioritise actions.

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COMING SOON - new Online Masterclass

Rachel is currently writing an Online Masterclass to teach you how to conduct your own internal communication audit.

The course will be available on demand via our dedicated Online Masterclasses website in 2024.

Learn more about our audits

No two audits are exactly the same because the problem being analysed will be unique to the organisation. The methodology we use to conduct audits is similar and contains a logical series of steps.

The first stage is our detailed scoping process. Once that's been agreed and the audit has started, it takes a minimum of three months.

That varies from client to client and depends on the complexity of the audit, the availability of the stakeholders and insights and the process we follow. If you need us to include surveys or if you work at a global organisation and are working across time zones and different languages, things can take a little longer. When we have scoped your audit with you, we can provide a realistic timeline.

The investment depends on the scope of the work and the outcomes you're looking for. They typically cost £20,000 to £30,000 +VAT. For example, in-person listening sessions (focus groups) incur more costs compared to remote listening sessions, which impacts the price.

Yes, we audit intranets either as part of an IC audit or as a standalone project. We can also advise on the scoping and creation of your intranet. Or we can design and deliver a whole intranet for you. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

We can create an audit package to fit your budget, but if your budget is limited, it may mean we can’t carry out some of our usual audit activities. We are confident there will always be a way we can support you and add value.

Yes! We do offer an option which gives you support from All Things IC to structure, communicate and conduct your own audit. You benefit from our experience and knowledge of carrying out audits and reviews and have complete control to do it yourself, with a little bit of help from us. Your investment is £1499 +VAT.

No. The work we do with our clients is confidential so we couldn’t share specific examples. However, because we work with so many clients, we get to see what works well every day so can guide you to make any improvements you need.

Rachel, Caroline and Dan work together to deliver audits. We always assign a lead Consultant, so you have one main point of contact throughout the process. We tell you up front who will do what. Working as a team give you the benefit of our collective wisdom.

Please get in touch so we can arrange to have a call with you. We love finding out more about your reasons for considering an audit. If we don’t think an audit is right for you and your organisation, we will tell you. Our free consultation calls are there to advise and guide you. Send us a note to

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