Getting to grips with blogs

The latest installment from Csaba… Two weeks ago I downloaded and installed FeedDemon onto my laptop at my workplace. With the help of Google Alerts and monitorThis and grabbing the RSS feed of a Hungarian blog monitoring site I started to look for any posts, articles, which mention the company. Yes, I know that’s related […]

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Csaba’s third week

Csaba is now settling into his role at Vodafone Hungary and here he shares his diary with us.    This week Kelly Kass from saw on LinkedIn that I left DENSO and asked me to write some sentences about my new role and my plans regarding the job. You can find it in the movers + […]

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Csaba settles in

Here is the second part of Csaba’s diary… Before I share the details of my second week at Vodafone Hungary Ltd I must mention the previous one. The views and opinions expressed here – via posts and comments written by me – represent my own and not those of my employer. Last time I only […]

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33 not out…

Today I had the pleasure of graduating from Kingston University’s Internal Communication Management Post-Graduate Diploma course. Congratulations to my fellow classmates; the year of sheer hard work while holding down a full time job at the same time paid off as we made it. We are from a variety of organisations – from transport to […]

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Diary of a Hungarian communicator…

While researching my dissertation in March 2009 I came into contact with Csaba Szücs in Hungary via Twitter. Since then we have exchanged countless ideas and many emails in our search to increase our knowledge and share what we find.  Csaba has kindly agreed to write a diary of life as a communicator in Hungary […]

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New year, new challenges

The year ahead should prove an interesting one for communicators as we take into account the possible change in Government, ongoing economic situation and continue to strive for value for money at every turn. What are the biggest challenges facing your organisation this year? How are you planning for them? I’ve been putting a plan […]

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What will you remember 2009 for?

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of new changes, fresh challenges and lots of spreadsheets! As well as working full time I’ve moved house and started to plan my wedding so it’s all systems go on every front. There was good news for my mentee Sarah Hodges at the Communicators in Business (CiB) […]

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Sharing the knowledge

After spotting a message on Twitter from someone (@felmundo) looking for recommendations on information to help him write an thesis on social media’s role in internal communication I offered to send him the bibliography from my dissertation. I have now had six requests via direct messages on Twitter to share  my bibliography so thought I’d upload it here in […]

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Diary of a PR student…

This week instead of publishing my diary I asked PR student Bryony Chinnery to keep a record of hers and share it with us. These are her views and she’d like your feedback to help her continually learn and develop. So do please welcome this newcomer and share your thoughts with her, Rachel. About me: […]

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Communicating on both sides

I’ve been talking with fellow communicators over the past few days about the role of internal and external communication and whether you can truly be purely internal or purely external. It seems to me that as professional communicators you need to have an understanding and awareness of both fields so even if you choose to […]

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Keeping on track

The past week and a bit has whizzed by! Sarah and Aurore appear to have settled in well and we’ve been busy forming our team and I’ve been bringing them up to speed. We went to the London Transport Museum to conduct some research for a project we’re working on which is taking place early […]

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Tunnels, talks and trains

As far as Mondays go, today has been a very good one. With the clocks changing over the weekend, it was brilliant not to leave in pitch darkness to head to work. Sarah and Aurore started today so we are now a team of three to tackle communication for the next few months. I have […]

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