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Video: Ask Me Anything – Rachel Miller answers your queries

Hi all, as part of my ongoing efforts to support Comms practitioners around the globe, particularly as we work through the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve launched a brand new Ask Me Anything video series. Thank you to everyone who submitted questions for me to answer, I’ve recorded the first video today to answer your questions. Topics include […]

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Diary of communicating in a pandemic

Have you had a chance to pause and reflect on the past few months yet? I can guess your answer. If you haven’t, I encourage you to grab a cuppa and delve into the diary of Nicola Rowland, HR Manager at Energy UK. She’s kindly written for the All Things IC blog to share her […]

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How to use video for your Internal Comms

Are you using video now more than ever before? I know that’s the case for many organisations as we live with COVID-19 and adjust our channels accordingly. In a recent survey from the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC), 92% of Comms practitioners using video or conference call to communicate the impact of COVID-19, rated it […]

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How to prepare your employees for the future

I left my house for the first time in three weeks today to get some groceries for my family. I sent a text to my mum-in-law shortly afterwards and wrote: “The world has certainly changed, but at the same time, it’s strangely familiar.” It looked like the road I know so well here in West […]

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How to communicate with remote workers during the pandemic

Whether your employees are usually based all in one building or spread out across the country, we’re all having to communicate in different ways right now. How can you best communicate with employees who are working remotely at this time? What if the majority are providing front-line services as key workers? I caught up with […]

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How to connect your people

How are you connecting your employees during this time of COVID-19? I ran a poll on Twitter asking what you would like me to write about on my All Things IC blog and you said connecting your people. I’m going to explore that topic here, share examples with you and provide a dose of reality. […]

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What do you need from me?

Hi everyone, as the weekend approaches, I’ve taken a few moments to pause and reflect. I’ve just recorded a short video and would love you to tell me what you need from All Things IC to support you, particularly as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. What do you need to read more about? You’re […]

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Podcast: How to thrive in internal communication

How can you thrive in internal communication? Due to COVID-19, what we do as Comms practitioners has been analysed, appreciated and dare I say valued, more than ever. I’m so proud of everything you’re doing, well done and keep going. Today I have news of a new podcast episode I’ve recorded. Do take a pause, or […]

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How to communicate business as unusual

I keep hearing the phrase the new normal in relation to the situation we’re in right now with COVID-19. It’s not normal, it’s anything but! This image from the fabulous team at Alive With Ideas jumped out at me this week… business as unusual. That’s exactly it. We are operating in unusual times. I don’t know […]

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How to communicate with furloughed employees

Do you have furloughed employees in your workplace? I’ve been having conversations today with my clients and with IC practitioners via Twitter about this topic. I’ve written this article to point you towards advice and guidance and to discover what others are doing, including a brand new guide that was released today by CIPR Inside, […]

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How to use messaging in the workplace

What are the opportunities and challenges of using messaging at work? How can you use messaging tools to foster a culture of collaboration, while also navigating security, privacy and compliance pitfalls? I’ve contributed to a brand new report, which is hot off the press today, to explore the topic in detail. It contains insights from communications […]

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Video: How to encourage your leaders to be virtually visible

I had a conversation with a client the other day who used the phrase virtually visible in relation to her leaders. We were talking about COVID-19 comms (obviously, aren’t we all?!), and it struck me as an incredibly suitable way to describe the situation we’re in. I’ve captured my thoughts around leadership communication via video. […]

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