Creating a safe space where senior IC professionals can get feedback

Alexandra Bîrlădianu has worked in internal communications worldwide for more than a decade with experience in public relations and corporate responsibility. She was working on an internal communication strategy for an international brand when she attended Rachel Miller’s Strategic Communication Masterclass in London in 2016.

She went on to join The All Things IC Inner Circle, where senior-level in-house Comms professionals share experiences, problems and successes with a small group of peers.

Alexandra said: “The Inner Circle is a gathering of professionals with a lot of experience. The benefits of the monthly meetings that we’re having both one on one with Rachel and as a group are just fantastic. Everyone is a senior professional in the group, and we have a lot of similar challenges but everyone has different approaches so to tap into that knowledge is absolutely fantastic.

“Each time we pick a topic, and then everyone in the group shares how they would approach it or how they’ve approached it in their role. And then what’s great is that one by one we discuss a professional challenge that we have and then we receive advice from the group. That’s just brilliant because normally you don’t have the space and the access to these brilliant minds including Rachel’s.”

Alexandra benefited from a safe space where she could have confidential conversations with other senior leaders.

She said: “Seeing Rachel in action as a trusted adviser is a learning experience in itself. We want to be perceived by leadership as a trusted advisor and seeing Rachel in action, the way she advises, both in masterminds and in individual calls is a huge benefit.

“Rachel has been by my side since 2016 and I’ve learned so much from her. I use her as my sounding board. I was a good internal communicator before 2016 but honestly, now I consider myself a great internal communicator, because of Rachel.”