Inspiring a global IC team to develop their careers

Entain’s Director of IC Jo Bleasdale met Rachel Miller through industry networking. She had a newly formed global team and asked Rachel to run a development session to help the team get to know each other and upskill in the latest comms best practice and learning.

She said: “I always want my team to be offering the best possible service to the business and our customers. Part of that is knowing and adapting to trends. We can all be guilty of not prioritising our own development, and it’s important that we all own our own careers and paths, but that we also create space to learn and innovate together.

“One of the things I like about Rachel is her external thinking and best practice that she’s constantly keeping refreshed.”

Rachel’s training provided the team with “fresh thinking and fresh ideas” and the opportunity for external feedback to help them develop their careers.

Jo said: “Rachel’s got a lovely manner in how she does that and how she works. She’s not afraid to challenge but she’s also a brilliant listener. She’s passionate about internal comms and she’s passionate about engagement and leadership, and the role that comms can play in improving them.

“When it comes to your team, you want to have really good practitioners. You want them to be bringing energy and excited about their careers, their potential and the effect they’re having. I feel that with Rachel’s energy and passion, she’s a real role model for people in communications, wanting to have these types of great careers.

“As comms leaders in the industry we need to be making sure that we’re supporting great talent coming through, making sure they can see clear pathways, that they’re really up for getting involved and really up for developing their own career.”

Jo recommends working with All Things IC to anyone with a passion for learning and improving.

She said: “I’ve been in communications for about 22 years but every day I’m constantly learning.

“As a leader you want to make sure that your own external network is brilliant, and Rachel is an important part of my own external network.”