Reviewing a team’s approach to measurement and evaluation

An executive agency of His Majesty’s Government was investing a lot of effort into measurement and evaluation.

The team invited us to review their existing approach and to equip them with more ideas to take their approach to the next level.

We delivered a series of linked, remote training sessions in 2022 with activities for the team to complete between the sessions to make the most of our time together.

Our client said: “What worked well for us was the ease of contact with both Rachel and Caroline and the personal service we received. It gave me the reassurance I needed that our specific requirements would be met, and we weren’t simply part of an anonymous production line of training courses.”

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It's got the whole team thinking more about how we measure and evaluate our work. Changes are already happening as a result of this - we've improved how we approach our reports and are challenging ourselves on what and why we're evaluating.