Every picture tells a story

How do you use images in your internal communication and where do you look to be inspired visually? Today I had the pleasure of having a meeting inside the Ellwood Atfield gallery in Westminster, London, as I’m working on a project I will be sharing details of very soon. If you’ve never heard of the […]

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Determination to #FindAlice sustains my community

The past 11 days have been extraordinary for everyone living in my hometown of Hanwell, West London, UK. Last week I wrote about how we have been united via social media in the hunt for Alice Gross, 14, who went missing on 28 August. Two men were arrested on suspicion of murder; a 25-year-old man […]

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How social media unites local hunt for missing teen

Last Thursday vulnerable teenager Alice Gross, 14, was last seen in my hometown – and hers – of Hanwell, West London. She has not been seen since and her family are worried sick. Over the past week I’ve seen the power of social media first hand to unite a community and bring people together in […]

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How comms pros can maximise maternity leave

How can professional communicators plan their maternity leave and what advice and guidance exists to help them make decisions? As mum to a two-year-old daughter and preparing to give birth to twins at the end of the year, my thoughts are inevitably turning to managing my business and existing clients. Plus I’m scoping out what […]

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What it takes to launch a new intranet conference

There isn’t an independent intranet conference in the UK. If willing to travel, you can have your pick of annual intranet events across Europe, but there’s little for the intranet manager at home. That could all change, says @Wedge, (pictured) if you’re ready to support a grass-roots initiative that has the potential to deliver the […]

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Your company is not too secretive to tweet…

Today the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) joined Twitter and Facebook. Yes, that most covert of organisations has decided to join the flock and increase its use of social media. So far it has sent one Tweet @CIA and already has 103,000 followers. I like the tone of voice they’ve used and it’s already been retweeted (shared […]

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The Little Book of Inspiration

In an age where knowledge is more accessible than ever, how do we create engaged workplace learners that are inspired to go out and discover the answers themselves? Reed and Learning Technologies put that question to 13 leading experts and Learning & Development thinkers, and created The Little Book of Inspiration based on their responses. […]

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Social Shorts hit the comms catwalk

Social media doesn’t stop for the seasons. It’s on 24/7 and evolving around the clock. With that in mind a brand new series of events have been revealed by the Social Media Panel of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations @CIPRsm, which I’m proud to sit on. Designed to be the antidote to day-long training sessions, […]

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The state of the digital world – a look at socialnomics

More people in the world own a mobile device than a toothbrush, 1 in 5 divorces involve social media and every day 20% of the terms typed into Google have never been searched for before. These stats all feature in Socialnomics 2014 by Erik Qualman @equalman (pictured). He’s just released the fifth version of the most watched […]

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How and why companies use social media internally

Why would you use social media inside your organisation? How does it work in reality? What are the benefits and key questions you need to consider when thinking it through? On 1 April I shared my thoughts on these topics, plus how internal communication is changing, plus the impact of technology on organisations, as a […]

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How to write an internal communication strategy

What does an internal communication strategy look like? Do you need one? How should you write one? How long should it be? What is an internal communication strategy? All of these phrases are used daily on my blog as people search through my content to help them create theirs. So I thought I’d dedicate this […]

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Leaders eat last…

Are you willing to sacrifice the people to save the numbers, or the numbers to save the people? Only one makes you a leader. Simon Sinek @simonsinek recently presented a keynote presentation at Vistage UK 25 Years Conference. He talked around the themes of his latest book Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t. […]

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