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One in three employees don’t trust their employers

New research shows that nearly one-in-three employees don’t trust their employer. And more than two-thirds feel that CEOs are too focused on short-term performance. As a result, employees are far less likely to say positive things about the company they work for. These are the findings of the 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report on […]

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Why you need to focus on employee experience

What is your employee experience and how does it shape the future of work? I spend a lot of time visiting workplaces while advising companies to help them achieve communication excellence. As soon as I step into their physical environment, I get a sense of their culture – the way things are done around here […]

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The state of the internal communication sector

What’s the state of the internal communication sector? What’s the most popular channel, the role of line managers and future of the profession? Today Gatehouse published its eighth annual State of the Sector study. It provides an interesting and valuable snapshot of internal communication. Use it to benchmark and spark conversations in your team and […]

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A new model for engagement and wellbeing

A new report has been released highlighting the links between employee engagement and work-related wellbeing. It’s part of an ongoing research programme between DesigneD4Success and the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, and is worth a read. The interim report draws on many years of research into both topics, as well as recent advances in the field of neuroscience. […]

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The 10 strangest job interview questions in the UK

Who is your favourite Disney Princess? How would you describe the colour yellow to a blind person? These are just two of the strangest questions that have been asked in job interviews globally. Does your organisation have any odd questions? What’s their purpose? Today I’m going to share with you the top 10 oddest interview questions in […]

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How to invest in your people

Her voice rang out across the room loud and clear. She perfectly modulated her tone, was authentic and proud. In a five-minute, perfectly presented introduction, she set the tone for the entire event. She spoke about her employer investing in her, spotting and nurturing her talent and she proudly announced to the expectant crowd that […]

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A focus on: All things employee engagement

What is employee engagement? How does it work, where can you learn more about it and does it actually matter? Every week I am contacted by internal communicators who are interested in knowing my thoughts about engagement and looking for information. So I thought I’d collate everything I’ve published about it to date for you […]

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Link wellbeing and engagement to boost performance

Linking wellbeing with employee engagement drives performance and convinces leaders of the need to invest in both, according to a brand new report that was published today. Hot off the press is a whitepaper from the wellbeing subgroup of the Engage For Success movement. The Evidence: Wellbeing and Employee Engagement, explores the link between employee engagement […]

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Is gamification a winner for employee engagement?

My daughter turns two years old this week and is the proud owner of a brand new reward chart. It’s been up on the wall for about a fortnight and every day we have conversations about what she has done and whether or not we will be adding (or removing) a gold velcro star to […]

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Why well-being matters for employee engagement

What is the role of well-being when it comes to employee engagement? What links are there between between employee engagement, well-being and organisational performance? How do the drivers of well-being provide, enable and enhance the drivers of engagement? Regular readers of my blog will know that I’ve written about employee engagement many times and am […]

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How to connect emotionally with employees

The choice of language in an organisation has a key role to play in how you connect with employees. Every organisation has its own unique identity, reinforced in part by the terminology you find within it, which helps define and underline its culture and enhance its sense of community. According to author Phillip Clampitt: “Across […]

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Focus on: Internal communication and employee engagement

What are the connections between internal communication and employee engagement? Do they go hand-in-hand and what resources are around to help you think through what’s right for your organisation? Yesterday I had the pleasure of hearing Kevin Ruck @AcademyKev of PR Academy speaking on this topic as part of a webinar organised by CIPR Inside, […]

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