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Tips on employee engagement for leaders

What advice do you offer the leaders in your organisation when it comes to employee engagement? Are you coaching and advising them? What are the challenges you face? Regular readers of my blog will know that I write a lot about the relevance and importance of employee engagement. Today I’m going to share some information […]

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How the history of internal comms can be traced back to the 1920s

What did you want to be when you grew up? I’m assuming that ‘internal communication professional’ didn’t feature among the firefighter/actor/doctor/vet dreams that you had. I’ve written numerous times about the fact there is not one path that leads to IC. Internal communication is often described as a relatively young profession, but what is its […]

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Internal Comms TV, episode two…

Episode two of my latest idea, internal comms TV is now live. What can you find in this week’s clip? I’ve focused on a number of topics including employee engagement and using social media for internal communication. You can find links to the content I talk about below. Thank you for all the feedback from […]

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The secret sauce of business success

Employee engagement is the secret sauce of business success… have you got the bottle for it? This fairly provocative title is tied into a new toolkit I discovered today. The topic of employee engagement is a hot one. It has been for a while and the heat looks set to increase. I often write about it […]

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The launch of Internal Comms TV

Today I’ve decided to try something new. With the rise of visual communication, I’m always keen to find new ways of sharing content and try to include as many images and infographics etc that I can find to accompany my blog posts. Having mulled this over for a while, I decided to record the first […]

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Employee engagement and social media

Comms pros gathered at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) headquarters for the latest Social Summer session. Rachel Miller @AllthingsIC spoke on employee engagement and social media. 18 July 2013.

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How do you engage people with disabilities?

What does your organisation do to actively engage employees with disabilities? This is the question being posed by employee engagement agency People Lab via a survey at the moment. The Office for Disability Issues found that ‘disabled people are significantly more likely to experience unfair treatment at work than non-disabled people,’ and that in 2012, 46.3 per cent […]

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Engaging for Success in Italy

What role does employee engagement have in organisations and how does it correlate to business success? This was one of the many topics that came up in conversation last week when David MacLeod, Co-Chair of Engage for Success, and I went to the inaugural meeting of the ImpresAperta taskforce in Rome. We were representing the […]

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Using video to inspire employees

How do you tell stories in your organisation? What tools and techniques do you use to demonstrate the journey you’re on as a company and how do you share successes? Last week I read a comment in a LinkedIn group by internal communications specialist Alex Bird @BirdyAlex (pictured). She mentioned that Bromford, a leading social business […]

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How to build trust in organisations

Who do your employees trust? Is it your CEO, senior leaders, their line managers or peers? Where do they hear information that they think it credible? From the official internal comms channels, via the media or from each other? In January I wrote a guest article for @mazi on ‘It’s a matter of trust‘ and highlighted […]

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Whose comms is it anyway?

Around 100 professional communicators gathered in London 17-18 April 2013 for Melcrum’s Digital Communication Summit #melcrumdcs.

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How Gatwick Airport uses Yammer

What does it take to have an award-winning internal social media campaign? Who is using Yammer well and what are the secrets to their success? You’re in the right place to find out. Gatwick is the world’s biggest single runway airport and the UK’s second busiest airport. Its internal communication team used Yammer to communicate […]

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