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How can you make your Comms grow successfully?

The art of creating engaging content that inspires, educates and delights audiences is something Comms pros are well versed in. We talk a lot about growing channels and creating nurturing conditions for communication to flourish. Today I’m delighted to welcome Comms professional Daisy Payne to the All Things IC blog, to focus on growth of […]

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A clear line of sight – understanding the role of the line manager

What role do line managers play when it comes to internal communication in your organisation? How do they impact the way communication happens? Regular readers of my All Things IC blog will recognise this topic as I write and speak about it frequently. It was also a popular episode of my Candid Comms podcast. Only […]

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Who is using podcasts for internal communication?

Are you using a podcast for internal communication inside your organisation? Have you been using audio more over the past year? If you’re thinking about creating an internal podcast, this article will help you think it through. I’m noticing more of my clients using podcasts inside their organisations, from “roving reporter” style shows featuring employees […]

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How to write speeches for leaders during a pandemic

Do you write speeches as part of your role? If so, getting to know who you’re writing for is essential. Over the past year, many internal communicators have found themselves creating key messages, talking points and content for leaders. I’m not a fan of ghostwriting (where speeches or text are officially credited to another person […]

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How to create a sense of belonging for hybrid workers

A sense of belonging is something we all crave, whether in our personal lives or at work. Connecting with people that share our values and passions makes us feel part of something bigger than ourselves. And for so long, that sense of belonging has come from physical interactions as well as, in recent decades, digital […]

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How to communicate a royal funeral

Staff engagement and teamwork was never more important in April when the news was announced that His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh had passed away. So says Louisa Dean, Head of Communications at the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead. She’s kindly written for the All Things IC blog to share her […]

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It started with a hashtag…

If you are a Comms pro who uses LinkedIn and Twitter, you may have spotted #WeLeadComms cropping up on posts in recent weeks. I wanted to find out more about it, so invited Mike Klein, @mklein818, to write for the All Things IC blog. Mike is an internal communications consultant and one of the top thought […]

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How to plan your Comms effectively

What is your planning process like? A survey of over 350 senior Comms leaders revealed 38% acknowledge they don’t work to an overall communications masterplan. Does that resonate with you? According to global research by ICPlan and Donhead Consultants, Comms professionals who take planning seriously get better results. However, as many as four in ten […]

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What’s it like to leave an in-house role?

Are you thinking of becoming a Comms Consultant in 2021? If you’re curious about becoming a freelancer, I know you’ll find this guest post useful. I’ve interviewed Chris Coburn to share what the reality is like so far. He spent a decade at John Lewis and has just launched Chris Coburn Communications (CCC). I wanted […]

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What is ESG and how does it differ from CSR?

What is ESG? If you’ve been spotting it cropping up but don’t know what it is, I’ve got you covered. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is growing in popularity and conversations about it are increasing. (CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility). I’ve been spotting ESG with the word Corporate added before Governance, so don’t be […]

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What does the new normal look like for internal communications in 2021?

What does the new normal look like for internal communications in 2021? This was the topic of the opening panel at PRWeek’s Strategic Internal Communication conference today. Jenni Field, Founder and Director of Redefining Communications chaired the panel on my behalf, as I’m still recovering from Coronavirus. Thank you Jenni. She’s here with a guest […]

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How mature is your internal communication?

If I asked you how mature your organisation’s internal communication is, what would you say? What about your Comms team? If you feel like you want to change things in 2021, do you know where to start? Today I have news of a maturity model that I know you’ll find useful, it’s been created by […]

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