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Diary of an Olympic media manager…

The bunting is down but the memories of the London 2012 Olympics are still strong. What was it like to play a key role? Today I’m proud to introduce Eden Black, media manager for the Olympic Delivery Authority – the organisation responsible for the delivery of the London 2012 venues and infrastructure. Here he writes for Diary […]

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A game of digital consequences…

Do you remember the game of consequences? We used to play it in my family at Christmas. In a nutshell, everyone writes down a line of a story, folds down the piece of paper it’s on and passes it to the next person. They then write the next line of the story, fold the paper […]

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Chatter that matters

What is a enterprise social network? How do you introduce one to an organisation? How do you then encourage employees to use it and ensure it’s not misused? How is Coca-Cola Enterprises tackling these exact questions? A few weeks ago I wrote about how accountants use enterprise social networks (note – the term can be […]

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Connecting people with purpose

Following the Olympics opening ceremony a week ago, there have been various articles online about storytelling and how it can be used within corporate communications. I thought I’d round up a few of my favourites from the week to share with you. First up is coach Vera Woodhead’s article for this blog, where she looked […]

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The challenge of charity comms…

What do you think are the main communication challenges when working for a charity? Many assume that budget restrictions would be the toughest issue, with the perception that this would lead to less creativity (less ability to produce stuff) or more creativity (more pressure). Alex Smith is Head of Communications at Target Ovarian Cancer, the […]

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Telling tales: Storytelling as a communication tool

Friday night’s opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics was simply stunning. The brains behind the vision was Danny Boyle, and he brought to life the story of Great Britain and Northern Ireland through costume, music, drama…. and parchuting James Bond and The Queen into the stadium. I noticed Boyle’s Twitter biog describes him as […]

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Building a social collaborative culture, part two

Here is the second part of Sonsoles Lumbreras‘ article on the Social Workplace Conference last week. If you missed the first part, you can read it and the background here. Over to you Sonsoles… Social collaboration and knowledge sharing at Accenture Priya Banati, Collaboration Strategy Lead for Accenture UK, explained how they encourage knowledge sharing and […]

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Building a social collaborative culture, part one

Carrying on my series of guest articles is comms professional Sonsoles Lumbreras who attended the Social Workplace Conference last week. Here she writes for Diary of an internal communicator to share her experience of the event. She’s written two articles and the first is here and will be followed by the final part later this week. […]

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Using social media for learning

Following on from my article yesterday by leader Dean Royles on the value he places on social media, I was contacted by another senior manager with similar views, and thought I would share his thoughts with readers of Diary of an internal communicator. Perry Timms is Head of talent and organisational development at the Big Lottery […]

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Why blog or tweet? An NHS leader shares his view

Professional communicators spend hours influencing and persuading their stakeholders and business partners. One conversation which has become increasingly popular is the importance of senior management regularly communicating with employees, particularly through social media. I’ve lost count of the number of articles I’ve  come across which focus on top tips for internal communicators to help them […]

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Find out how to ‘Rock Your Comms’

What’s the single, most important thing that you’ve learned in Internal Communication (IC)? At the end of last year I contributed to a book being written by and for IC professionals to address this very question and to help raise money for Make-A-Wish UK, and Rock Your Comms is now available. The book was collated […]

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Bursting out of the IC bubble?

Tonight was the launch of VMA Group’s (@VMAGroup) Professional Development in Internal Communications Report 2011-2012 in London. What happened? What was discussed and what did the report say? You can search the hashtag #vmaicsurvey via Twitter to see what attendees said. I was hoping to attend but was unable to make it, so Kim Borrowdale, Director […]

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