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How to be a strategic internal communicator

What does it mean to work strategically in internal communication? What skills do you need? How can you work well with leaders and what’s the best way to structure an IC team? I’m delighted to announce the latest All Things IC Online Masterclass has just gone live. How to be a strategic internal communicator addresses […]

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Podcast: How to repurpose your internal communication

Do you repurpose your internal communication? How do you make your IC channels work collectively well together? These are some of the topics I’ve examined in this week’s episode of the Candid Comms podcast. This episode includes: What does repurposing mean? What type of content can be repurposed? What mindset is useful when creating content? […]

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How to upskill your leaders in Corporate Digital Responsibility

Communication professionals are left to clean up the mess when an organisation faces a data related crisis. This is usually without having been fully immersed in the issues surrounding data management and processing in their organisations. Do you have a plan in place to act on issues related to Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR)? Would you […]

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Podcast: How to work with Comms Champions

Do you have Comms Champions inside your organisation? What is the best way to recruit them and how can you set them up for success? I’ve examined this topic in this week’s episode of my Candid Comms podcast. It has just been released and can be found via your favourite podcast player. In this episode […]

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The IoIC National Awards shortlist is out

Congratulations to all the internal communicators who have been shortlisted in the Institute of Internal Communication National Awards 2021. It was a pleasure to help judge them again this year and recognise you for all your hard work. IoIC Awards Chairman, Justine Stevenson says: “We received a record breaking number of entries this year, with […]

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What startups need to know about internal communication

When a new organisation is formed, it often starts small. The company is known as a startup and it’s in its first stage of operations. Over time, Founders or Owners hire people around them and start to expand. Teams are recruited, services grow and processes and systems are created. However, there’s a point in the […]

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Podcast: How to communicate internationally, with Laura Colantuono

What is it like to work internationally? Why is translation important? What does effective internal communication look like within a FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) environment? The latest episode of my Candid Comms podcast is out now and focuses on these topics and many more. It features Laura Colantuono, Internal Communications & Employer Branding Manager, International, […]

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How can you make your Comms grow successfully?

The art of creating engaging content that inspires, educates and delights audiences is something Comms pros are well versed in. We talk a lot about growing channels and creating nurturing conditions for communication to flourish. Today I’m delighted to welcome Comms professional Daisy Payne to the All Things IC blog, to focus on growth of […]

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Podcast: a candid conversation about inclusion with Keith Riley

This week’s Candid Comms podcast features Keith Riley, Communications Executive at law firm DWF, and I talking about all things diversity and inclusion related. As we recorded this episode, we both built the new Everyone Is Awesome LEGO kit, 40516, which celebrates positivity and kindness in families, communities and the world. This week’s show covers: […]

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A clear line of sight – understanding the role of the line manager

What role do line managers play when it comes to internal communication in your organisation? How do they impact the way communication happens? Regular readers of my All Things IC blog will recognise this topic as I write and speak about it frequently. It was also a popular episode of my Candid Comms podcast. Only […]

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Podcast: How to create a sense of belonging

A sense of belonging is something we all crave, whether in our personal lives or at work. Connecting with people that share our values and passions makes us feel part of something bigger than ourselves. In today’s episode of the Candid Comms podcast, I’ve examined this topic and focused on what we need to know, […]

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Podcast: How to find an Internal Comms job

Are you looking for a job as an internal communicator? Perhaps you’re looking to move into the profession, or would like to find a new role. This episode will help you think it through. It covers: How to apply for internal communication roles How to prepare for an interview Ways to learn about organisations The […]

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