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Employee Engagement in Turbulent Times… part one

What do you get if you put 130 professional communicators in a room? Well on Thursday I found out as I attended the 10th annual Internal Communications conference from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). It took place in London and was a full-on and fascinating day. I particularly liked the panel-rich format as it […]

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Food for thought

Last night I met up with two comms contacts of mine, Jenni Wheller and Dana Leeson. We meet fairly regularly to catch up and discuss all things Internal Comms over dinner. We were trying to remember how we first got talking to each other and realised that Twitter had a vital role to play – […]

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It’s good to share internal comms resources…

On Monday a guest article I wrote for the CommsChat website was published. Based on your feedback through my blog and the questions you ask, I decided to outline lots of resources for internal comms professionals.  These included organisations to join, recruiters, blogs I recommend reading and lots more. If you’re looking to grow your network, start […]

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Putting conversations at the heart of business

Last month riots and chaos erupted in the UK with people taking to the streets to loot buildings and shops. I contacted Amanda Coleman, Head of Corporate Communications for Greater Manchester Police, where she has worked for the past 10 years, and asked her to write a guest article for Diary of an internal communicator […]

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#CommsChat unites global comms professionals

Tonight saw the relaunch of #CommsChat, Europe’s most popular communications conversation. Aside from being an interesting way to spend an hour on Monday evenings, it’s a great way to connect with comms professionals from around the globe, and best of all? It’s free! I’ve been taking part since January, when I wrote about the original […]

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Survival of the fittest… adapting to survive

How are internal communicators adapting to survive?  This week I read some insights by David Broome, Head of Internal Communications at resourcing specialist VMA Group, from their annual survey, Professional Development in Internal Communication. The survey is the largest of its kind in the UK and this year’s results show that 74 per cent of internal communications […]

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If you build it, will they come?

This week I was asked to offer some thoughts on recruiters using social media for recruitment based on what I have seen online. What struck me from the conversation I had was the perception some people have that creating social media channels equals success. Turning to the ‘traditional’ networks, anyone can create a Twitter account, […]

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IC in Wonderland

This week I booked my ticket for the annual Internal Communications (IC) Conference hosted by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). Taking place on 6 October in London, it will be the CIPR’s 10th annual IC Conference and is called Face the change – Employee Engagement in Turbulent Times. It promises to be an […]

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Coming full circle using Google+

Over the past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with Google Plus and working out my own use for it. I’m always keen to try out new things and give them a fair go and whereas I didn’t get on with Quora, I’m finding Google+ to be a useful site. I was hesitant at first but […]

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Sign of the times

Picking up the baton of my series of guest writers is Michael Smith. He started work as a journalist then worked in public relations for the police service for 13 years. The last seven years were in internal communications and last month he set up his own internal comms consultancy based on the edge of […]

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The Forrest Gump effect: variety is the spice of life for today’s communicator

Continuing my series of guest writers for my blog, I thought it would be interesting to hear from the agency-side about what they are facing at the moment, what sort of requests they are getting and what comms professionals expect from their agencies. So I’m pleased to introduce Nick Andrews who is Client Director at Sequel […]

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Do you know your SMS from your M&S?

“There is no new thing, there is just a new way of doing an existing thing”. This thought formed the opening of the latest Aspic Communications Cafe at the Soho Hotel in London this morning on the topic of ‘Harnessing the power of the mobile revolution’. The session was hosted by Sequel Group and alongside […]

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