Podcast: How to evaluate internal communication

What’s the difference between evaluation and measurement? What’s the best way to include evidence in a monthly measurement report? Why do you need to rely on insight rather than instinct? Today’s episode of the Candid Comms podcast focuses on evaluation, which is the penultimate stage of The MILLER Framework. Talking of penultimate, this episode bring […]

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Podcast: How to prioritise internal communication

How do you prioritise internal communication? What do you say yes and no to inside your organisation? What informs that decision? Today’s episode of the Candid Comms podcast puts prioritisation in the spotlight, by examining the purpose of IC. I examine: the purpose of internal communication what alignment is and why it matters why you […]

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Podcast: How to use insights in internal communication

How do you use insights in your internal communication? In this episode of the Candid Comms podcast, I examine why insights can be useful. Insights are the second stage of The MILLER Framework – what we know about an organisation and its people. We examine what they are, how to use them and what they […]

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How to take a data-driven approach to internal communication

Are you thinking about your internal communication measurement approach? Perhaps you want to find new ways to measure your internal communications? Today on the All Things IC blog, we welcome Sia Papageorgiou, managing partner at the Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence (CSCE) and co-founder of The Alignment People and Gifted Professionals & Communicators Community, based […]

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How to learn about internal communication measurement

In our second ‘Behind the scenes’ feature on the All Things IC Masterclasses we’re focusing on our Internal Communication Measurement Masterclass. It’s ideal for anyone working within internal communication, whether you’re new to the profession, an experienced comms professional or even working within a marketing team and wanting to support with colleague insights. All Things […]

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Podcast: Why measurement matters for IC pros

Why does measurement matter for internal communication professionals? How can you measure internal communication? What does good look like for IC professionals? Why do IC pros think measurement is difficult? What do our professional bodies say? I’ve put measurement under the microscope in this week’s episode of the Candid Comms podcast.   About Candid Comms […]

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Learn how to measure your internal communication

Do you know how to measure internal communication? Why is measurement important for internal communicators? How can you prove what’s working and what’s not? When should internal communicators measure their work? If you are stuck on any of these conundrums, we have a brand new course to help you. How to measure internal communication is […]

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Exploring measures of engagement and the role of internal communication

We’re still talking about the relationship between engagement and comms. We hear a lot from our clients and comms friends about the cross over between employee engagement and internal communication. Often, it’s about where the boundary sits between the two areas or who is responsible for engagement. Earlier today, Paul Bennun asked on LinkedIn whether […]

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Podcast: How to measure internal communication

Do you know how to measure internal communication? I’ve tackled this hot topic in the latest episode of the Candid Comms podcast and revealed what you need to know, do and think about if you want to measure your internal comms. You can find the Candid Comms podcast on your favourite player including Apple Podcasts, Google […]

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How to make Internal Communications add up

One of my favourite IC quotes in recent years comes courtesy of Comms Consultant Liam FitzPatrick: Come with data and leave with respect. In fact I mentioned it at my Strategic Internal Communication Masterclass on Tuesday as it resonates with me. Today Liam has written for the All Things IC blog to share news of […]

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