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Share your inside story for a chance of winning

The fifth annual CIPR Inside #insidestory awards are now open. This is your opportunity to have your hard work recognised by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and celebrate excellence in internal comms and employee engagement. Every year the group of internal communicators on the CIPR Inside @CIPRInside committee review the programme, and adapt it to make […]

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Introducing Workplace by Facebook

Are you using Facebook at Work? Not in the traditional sense, in the new shiny Enterprise Social Network sense. I’ve been writing about their latest offerings since the start of the year. Now they’ve rebranded to Workplace (formerly known as Facebook at Work) and it’s available to any company or organisation that wants to use it. Facebook […]

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How to make your way inside companies

How can you stand out to make your way inside companies? If you have a dream job in mind, how can you make it a reality? If you are a company, how can you attract the best people? Today I’m going to show you how organisations are using stories as part of their recruitment efforts. Plus I’ll let you […]

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What people want in a leader

The leadership race in the UK is changing by the hour. Our political parties are in turmoil and you cannot predict what will happen next. So it’s timely to see the release of new international research across five continents, which reveals “feminine, title-less and diverse leaders” are the most successful. If you’re studying communication, want […]

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A conversation for IC pros about Brexit

What do communicators need to know about the UK’s decision to leave the EU? What should we be communicating, when and what’s the next step? This afternoon Chuck Gose @chuckgose, who is host of the popular internal comms podcast ICology @learnicology and I discussed all things comms, referendums and the US election. We recorded our conversation […]

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How to measure communication

If you have no idea how to measure your communication activities, this article is for you. A brand new framework was launched yesterday by the Association of Measurement & Evaluation of Communication (AMEC). It is excellent and I strongly urge you to use it. The new measurement framework uses digital technology to help the user through a […]

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What’s on this week for comms pros

Hundreds of professional communicators are preparing to meet in Ontario for the World PR Forum. It’s taking place from 29 to 31 May and will examine Communication Across Cultures. There’s a packed agenda with some excellent speakers. You can follow the conversations via Twitter via the hashtag #WPRF2016. Are you attending? If so and you’d like to share […]

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PR Week names its 30 under 30 PR professionals

Congratulations to the PR professionals aged 30 and under who have been named in the 2016 PR Week 30 Under 30 list. As a former winner myself (back in 2009 when it was 29 under 29), I’m always interested to see who’s on it and the companies they represent. This year’s group are from a […]

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How to achieve success with Office 365

Are you introducing Office 365 in your organisation? When it comes to introducing new technology, it can be a potential minefield, with IT, Comms and HR departments all having their say and making recommendations. Sound familiar? I’ve been working with a number of clients recently helping them think through all things technology related to help […]

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How to work with bloggers

It’s a woman’s world: three-quarters of UK bloggers are women, and they’re talking a different language to brands, PRs and marketers, says the biggest ever survey of UK bloggers. Do you blog? If so, or you’re looking for ways to develop relationships with bloggers, stay tuned. The most popular blog topics are fashion, beauty and […]

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How PR students can get a job in IC

If you are a PR student, what’s the likelihood of you securing an entry-level role in internal communication? Should we, could we, be doing more to encourage graduates and young people into IC? Today’s guest post is written by PR student Martyna Borys, @MartynaMJulia, who is interested in internal communication. She’s Generation Y, having been born in […]

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Why communication professionals hire consultants

Professional communicators are looking for ways to improve, maximise budgets and keep up-to-date with trends. How do I know? Because it’s why you’re hiring All Things IC communication consultancy. Today marks three years since I created the company, which offers senior level counsel on all aspects of internal communication. My thanks to everyone who has asked for […]

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