New Government Communication Service Comms Plan 2024/5

If you’re looking for an example of a strong comms plan, you’ve found it. This week the UK’s Government Communication Service (GCS) published its comms plan for 2024/5. Regardless of your political views, it’s always an interesting read from a communicators’ perspective. I’ve been highlighting the GCS’ plans on my blog since 2015, as they […]

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A snackable snippet about IC strategy

Thank you to the super creative team at Alive With Ideas for sharing a brand new image online today. Their popular snackable snippets series has been designed to help internal communicators discover new books. Today it’s mine, Internal Communication Strategy: design, develop and transform your organizational communication, under the spotlight. It is hot off the […]

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Podcast: How to lead internal communication and set standards

How do you lead internal communication in your organisation? What does standard setting look like? What operating model do you have in place? This episode of my Candid Comms podcast examines the leadership part of The MILLER Framework. It also touches on logistics, when discussing standards. I examine: What operating models mean for IC How […]

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Leaving the ladder down – my interview with Katie Macaulay

How is artificial intelligence (AI) impacting the world of internal communication? What mantra kept me going through COVID times? How can change comms theory help internal communicators? What can internal communicators expect from my book, Internal Communication Strategy? What own goals do I think companies have when it comes to internal communication and neurodivergence? What […]

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It’s book launch month!

After a year of writing, researching and editing, my book is finally here. I’m so excited to share Internal Communication Strategy: design, develop and transform your organizational communication with you. The book hits the shelves this month. It’s available from 3 April 2024 in the UK and rest of the world and 30 April 2024 […]

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Podcast: How to transform your internal communication

What does it mean to transform communication inside an organisation? How does the Met Office use principles in their IC planning? What is on my Brilliant Basics checklist? I discuss all of these topics and much more in this latest episode of my Candid Comms podcast. How to transform your internal communication is available to […]

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Podcast: Introducing The MILLER Framework

How do you learn about an organisation and its people? What structure do you use when writing an internal communication strategy? Today is the launch of season six of the Candid Comms podcast. What is the podcast? The Candid Comms podcast is full of  practical advice and inspirational ideas, to help you thrive in your […]

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How to use audio for IC in 2024

Are you using audio as part of your internal communication in 2024? Do you have plans to start or revitalise a podcast in your organisation? Season Five of the Candid Comms podcast has just ended. There are now 57 episodes available if you need help on all things internal communication related. I’ve been reviewing the […]

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2023 reflections from Team Teal

How has this year been for you? Thank you to all the internal communicators and organisations who’ve invited my team (known as Team Teal) and I to support you in 2023. I published a LinkedIn newsletter yesterday to reflect on a year in Comms, as we come to the end of our 10th birthday year. […]

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Reflections from the CIPR Horizon conference

What’s on the horizon for Comms and PR professionals? All Things IC Founder Rachel Miller and Comms Consultant Dan Holden joined over 200 public relations professionals and students at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Horizon conference. The conference took place on 14 November in London. Alastair McCapra, CIPR Chief Executive described Horizon as: […]

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Podcast: How to improve your IC channels

Do you know the purpose of each of your internal communication channels? Why does each one exist? Who owns them? Why is it important to know the purpose of each channel? What should you do when you discover comms methods that aren’t ‘owned’ by an IC team? What options are there when completing a channels […]

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Podcast: An introduction to AI for internal communicators

Are you using artificial intelligence (AI) in your work as an internal communicator? What do IC pros need to be mindful of when it comes to AI? Whose responsibility is it to think through implications of using the latest tools? This episode addresses all of these topics, as we delve into the world of artificial […]

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