How to communicate mergers and acquisitions

What’s the best way to communicate mergers and acquisitions? What’s the worst mistake you could make? What works well? Hot on the heels of the proposed merger of Asda and Sainsbury’s supermarkets, I thought I’d collate some advice and guidance to help you learn more about the topic. Communication during mergers and acquisitions is critical. […]

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How to use video to communicate culture

How can you enable employees and leaders around the world to contribute their own take on your company culture? How could you curate and share it? Today I have a guest post for you by Erika Lee, Internal Communications Manager at Aggreko in Houston, Texas. The company is the leader in power and temperature control rental and operates […]

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How to communicate your gender pay gap

The deadline for companies with 250 or more employees to report their gender pay gap is only a fortnight away. How are your gender pay gap comms going? I’ve been talking with clients about gender pay gap comms over the past few weeks and thought I’d share resources with you to help if you’re responsible […]

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How to help team leaders communicate

How effective are your managers at communicating with their teams? Want to read a guide written for managers to help them improve? You’re in luck, I’ve got a free one to share with you, plus a deal to save you 10% off PRWeek’s Strategic IC conference in November. The guide has been published by Tom […]

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How to write an Annual Report

How effective is your Annual Report? Is it a story to be proud of or something you’re glad to tick off your to-do list? I’ve seen many examples over the years, both good and bad, and today have a guest post by Shan Chatoo of OCS Group. If you’re looking for advice or an example of […]

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Why change comms should be drawn

How do you communicate change in your organisation? Do you use illustrations? Should you? Could you? I’ve got a guest post for you today examining this topic and providing food for thought when it comes to communicating visually. Virpi Oinonen @voinonen from is incredibly talented and I’ve featured her many times on my blog over the years. I’m […]

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How to measure communication

If you have no idea how to measure your communication activities, this article is for you. A brand new framework was launched yesterday by the Association of Measurement & Evaluation of Communication (AMEC). It is excellent and I strongly urge you to use it. The new measurement framework uses digital technology to help the user through a […]

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Changing behaviour for better business

Changing behaviour is at the heart of everything we do in internal communication. As professional communicators we help the businesses and organisations that we work with to achieve their aims and work more effectively, efficiently, safely, truthfully and responsibly. It’s making those connections that takes internal communication to a strategic level, gets buy in from […]

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Communicating change at Westminster City Council

How do you communicate change in your organisation? What have you learned from change comms campaigns in your current or previous role and what top tips would you pass on to other communicators? Last month I had the pleasure of speaking at IC Excellence in front of 200 Government communicators here in the UK. One […]

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Crisis communication checklist

Examples of how companies are using social media externally to communicate with their employees and advise of services. 27 October 2013.

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Communicating change at the BBC

How do you communicate change in your organisation? When something ends, how do you mark the occasion and say goodbye? If you’ve studied change theory, then you’ll probably be aware of the stages of change (see this article I wrote recently citing Kübler-Ross) and use this to inform your internal communication approach. Today I discovered a […]

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Communicating change at the Washington Post

Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of has agreed to buy the Washington Post newspaper for £163m ($250m). He is reportedly buying it and other print properties personally, rather than Amazon purchasing the paper.

Below are tweets from IC pros that is being used on

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