It’s Yammer time…

Do you have or are you thinking of introducing Yammer into your organisation? Do you know how to use it, how do other people use Yammer for internal communication and are there any tips and best practice around? Queries about using Yammer as an option for an enterprise social network is one of the most […]

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How many social media channels do you know?

If you’ve ever seen me present, chances are you will have heard me talk about The Conversation Prism by Brian Solis @briansolis. For the past few years I’ve constantly been asked ‘how can I keep up-to-date with knowing what’s being used for social media?‘ One of the resources that I consistently point internal communication pros […]

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Who’s using what for internal social media?

Over the years I’ve highlighted various examples of how companies are using enterprise social networks, collaborative tools and social media for internal communication. It’s a question I get asked constantly – who’s doing what, who’s using Chatter/Yammer and what can I learn from them? Where can I find examples, articles and case studies of enterprise […]

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It’s good to talk… communicating with call centre employees

How do you communicate with call centre employees? What works, what doesn’t and how do you encourage two-way conversations? Following on from my articles on the new BBC Three series The Call Centre and discussion around fly-on-the-wall documentaries in organisations, I’ve got a mini case study to share with you. My thanks to AB who […]

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Using video to inspire employees

How do you tell stories in your organisation? What tools and techniques do you use to demonstrate the journey you’re on as a company and how do you share successes? Last week I read a comment in a LinkedIn group by internal communications specialist Alex Bird @BirdyAlex (pictured). She mentioned that Bromford, a leading social business […]

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Attenzi: A Social Business Story

Last week I published part one of my thoughts on social business and looked at some of the definitions that exist and resources that are available. If you missed it, you can read it here. Today is the launch of a novel approach by one of my fellow Social Media Panel members Philip Sheldrake @sheldrake (pictured). […]

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Defining social business

What is social business and what does it mean? Is it literally using social media to conduct business, adopting a sharing mentality in an organisation, being a friendly/sociable company or more than that? You’ve probably come across the term because it’s everywhere I look at the moment and am sure you’re experiencing the same. So […]

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Inspiring intranets are go!

What does your intranet look like? Are you proud of it or frustrated by the content? Where can you get some fresh ideas and insight and be rewarded for your efforts?Today I’m delighted to welcome Steve Bynghall @bynghall, who has written a guest article for my blog on all things intranet related. He’s a freelance […]

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Communication secrets of a hostage negotiator

There is no difference between manipulation and influence – apart from the spelling. This is just one of the fascinating things I heard tonight at an event featuring a former hostage negotiator trainer at Scotland Yard. Where do you get your inspiration, training and support to develop yourself professionally? I know from feedback that readers […]

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How Gatwick Airport uses Yammer

What does it take to have an award-winning internal social media campaign? Who is using Yammer well and what are the secrets to their success? You’re in the right place to find out. Gatwick is the world’s biggest single runway airport and the UK’s second busiest airport. Its internal communication team used Yammer to communicate […]

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Strategy in action: The Vodafone way

How do you communicate a new business strategy with employees, what are the stages you go through and how do you make it part of your company’s DNA? I’m pleased to welcome Padraic Knox, Internal Communications Consultant with Vodafone Ireland. In this guest article he is going to draw on his own experience and examine […]

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How will you communicate in 2023?

What will your business communication and operations look like in 10 years? Will the way employees communicate in 2023 be drastically different from now? Where can you read insights into key business areas that companies need to consider, from organisational structure and innovation to environmental policy? You’re in the right place. This week London-based design […]

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