What would you like to know about Office 365?

Do you have Office 365? Is it on the horizon? Do you know what it is, how it works and how to use it? If you’re asking yourself these questions, let me help you. I’m plotting a future blog post and would love to help you understand more about Microsoft’s latest offering and what it […]

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How RNIB uses Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook is transforming the way the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) communicates. RNIB invited me to visit them on their six-month anniversary of using the enterprise social network and learn how it’s dramatically boosted their internal communication. Communicating effectively with blind, partially sighted or deaf-blind employees takes careful thought and attention. […]

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Your top 15 questions on social media and the law

What are the main areas of law and social media strategy? What are the rules around employees posting on LinkedIn? Who is legally responsible for the content on a corporate Twitter account? Can you be arrested for your use of social media? Nail biting stuff! If you’re looking for advice and guidance on these topics […]

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BBC tells staff not to be stupid on social media

When did you last update your social media guidelines or policy? Is it still relevant or do you need to dust it off and shake it up? What’s your organisation’s view on employees using live-streaming mobile apps? The world of social media is a rapidly changing one, and this week the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) […]

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How to use IC apps to reach your employees

How can you communicate with your remote employees? Companies are increasingly looking for new ways to reach their ‘hard to reach’ workforce and today I thought I’d share news of a new app which aims to do exactly that. App:IC is an app-based product from the internal communication experts at Sequel Group @sequel_group. It allows you to […]

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Free guide to Google Analytics now available

Do you use Google Analytics, and if so, what for? Many people assume it’s purely about measuring web traffic, but nothing could be further from the truth. A brand new guide has just been published by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ Social Media Panel (@CIPRSM) on this exact topic and I thought I’d share […]

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How to use Pinterest for internal communication

This week I was interviewed by Russell Working who is a journalist at Ragan Communications in America, about content. We were discussing how content has changed in the world of internal communication and the trends that we have seen inside organisations in recent years; from polished videos to smartphone vids to Vines, and the rise and […]

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How to achieve social media strategy success

Are you working on a social media strategy for your organisation? Do you know where to start or are you looking for advice and guidance? I’ve just finished reading a book that centres around a framework and promises to offer “a unique and comprehensive end-to-end approach” – taking a company from the point of understanding […]

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It’s Yammer time…

Do you have or are you thinking of introducing Yammer into your organisation? Do you know how to use it, how do other people use Yammer for internal communication and are there any tips and best practice around? Queries about using Yammer as an option for an enterprise social network is one of the most […]

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How many social media channels do you know?

If you’ve ever seen me present, chances are you will have heard me talk about The Conversation Prism by Brian Solis @briansolis. For the past few years I’ve constantly been asked ‘how can I keep up-to-date with knowing what’s being used for social media?‘ One of the resources that I consistently point internal communication pros […]

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A Twitter guide for internal comms pros

On Monday 3 September 2012 I launched @the ICcrowd alongside Jenni Wheller and Dana Leeson in the hope of bringing internal communicators together on Twitter. It’s fair to say we’ve been delighted by the number of comms pros who have got in touch, started to follow @theICcrowd, and more importantly, have been tweeting each other […]

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