The top 100 CEOs on social media

A whopping 61 per cent of Fortune 500 CEOs still have no social media presence at all. CEOs who are using social media prefer Twitter and LinkedIn as their channels of choice. Today the annual Top 100 CEOs on social media list has been published and it’s no surprise to see Virgin’s Richard Branson at number one. Having […]

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How employee advocacy works using social media

What’s the impact of employee advocacy and what relevance does it have today? What type of information do employees share about their companies via social media? What do you need to know about this whole topic? A brand new report from the smart people at Altimeter @Altimetergroup, is hot off the press. It addresses these […]

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All you need to know about Facebook at Work

The Jan. 21, 2016 #ESNchat about the impact of Facebook at Work on ESNs with special guest Carrie Young. Other chat archive links are at

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Ideas to help you roll out and use Yammer

Are you preparing to launch, relaunch or refresh Yammer inside your organisation? How are you finding the world of enterprise social networks? If you would like a helping hand, you’re in luck because Microsoft has just published a wealth of information. The guides are excellent and cover all sorts, from an Admin guide to use case catalogue, training […]

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Countdown to Christmas: Day 10

How do you communicate with employees who are spread across multiple locations? Does technology have a role to play to enable you to do so successfully? Day 10 in my Countdown to Christmas series first appeared on the All Things IC blog in March this year. I’m republishing it as part of my Advent series. […]

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Does your perspective shape your company’s comms?

Today I’ve discovered two things that have made me think. So I’m going to share them with you, and would love to know what you make of them. One is an article by the fabulous Virpi Oinonen @Voinonen, (pictured) who I’ve featured numerous times on my blog over the years. She’s written: Why communications people […]

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Research takes the measure of networked enterprises

Power users reap the greatest benefits from social technologies and there is a clear S-curve of adoption of Enterprise 2.0 tools. These are some of the findings from new research that has just been released by McKinsey & Company. Grab a cuppa, I’m going to highlight it all as I think it’s a good read […]

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Get better at digital PR thanks to PRstack

#PRstack is the largest crowd-sourced education effort in the history of PR practice and is available today. It’s a free ebook that makes sense of the tools market to create a modern workflow for a communication team or public relations agency. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to understanding the various apps […]

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Free skills guide on crisis comms and social media

We’re the CIPR Social Media Panel – and we enjoy nothing more than discussing and debating the ways in which digital and social technologies are impacting the business of PR.

At our latest hackday, on Tuesday 8 September, we took to twitter to discuss the influence of social media on crisis mgmt.

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Why social business matters in 2015 and beyond

It’s been more than a decade since social media began challenging businesses to respond to what has been a dramatic shift in how we now connect, communicate and express ourselves globally today. Organisations are working hard to respond to integration challenges by evolving their structures, budgets and most importantly, focusing less on scaling social, but […]

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Your top 15 questions on social media and the law

What are the main areas of law and social media strategy? What are the rules around employees posting on LinkedIn? Who is legally responsible for the content on a corporate Twitter account? Can you be arrested for your use of social media? Nail biting stuff! If you’re looking for advice and guidance on these topics […]

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Read the 2015 Internet Trends report

Vertical videos are on the rise and 39 per cent of the world’s population are now on the Internet. These are just some of the facts that can be found in the annual internet trends report from Mary Meeker. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in or studying the role of online communication. Mary is known as the […]

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