Continually developing your internal communication knowledge

Are there barriers preventing you from accessing training resources to support your continuing professional development (CPD)? 

Perhaps you’re unsure about how to plan your CPD for the year? 

At All Things IC, we recognise and value the importance of CPD. All three Communication Consultants are Chartered Public Relations Practitioners. Each year we complete the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ (CIPR) CPD requirements. We shared previously why CPD is important for us and some personal tips on ‘How do you learn about internal communication’. 

We know from conversations with clients and comms friends that not all organisations have the budget or means to help internal communication professionals invest in their professional development.

CIPR We're taking the challenge! 75th anniversary graphic

As part of the CIPR 75 CPD challenge that starts on 17 April 2023 and runs till 31 December 2023, we’ve shared ways All Things IC can help, including plenty of free resources. We’ve also included the points you can earn towards the 75 CPD Challenge 

If you’re taking part in the challenge, do tag us in your social media posts as we love seeing where and how internal comms pros are learning. You can also use #CIPR75 to join other communicators who are taking part. 

All Things IC blog 

Each article you read on the All Things IC blog provides you with opportunities to learn and reflect on your own internal communication practice.  

Whether it’s learning about change communication, managing crisis communications, developing your intranet or what internal communicators need to know about ethics there are over 1700 articles available for you to read. 

We also love hearing from in-house communicators, sharing their experiences and learnings to help others. In our Candid Conversation series we’ve featured communicators from across the globe, including India and Australia, learning ourselves about what is happening within our profession. Blogging is a great way to not only help other communicators but also reflect on your own learnings.  

If you’d like to share your story for our Candid Conversation blog, complete our submission form and one of the team will be in touch. 

You can log one point per article you read on the All Things IC blog. If you write a guest blog to reflect on your own practice that we publish, you can log five points.  

Candid Comms podcast 

We’re in the planning stages for Season Five of the Candid Comms podcast which means you already have free access to the 46 episodes published from the last four seasons. Each episode has a full transcript and links to Rachel’s resources. 

With a range of topics from helping leaders communicate and creating measurement reports through to working with Comms Champions, you can log two or three points, depending on the duration. 

Each episode is designed to give you one thing to know, one thing to do and one thing to think about. You can also capture your thoughts using a Candid Comms notebook. 

Both the All Things IC blog and the Candid Comms podcast are available to access for free at any time.  We share updates on our latest articles and news on our podcast via our monthly newsletter The water cooler that is free to join. 

Training and development 

If you are considering investing into training, whether as an individual or as a team, in-person or online, all our Masterclasses and Masterminds attract CPD points. Our current training offering includes:  

Monthly Masterclasses and Masterminds – taught in-person at the All Things IC Hub or at your workplace.

Mini Masterclasses - taught remotely via Teams and are 90-minutes long.

Online Masterclasses – 12-months’ access to learn at your own pace with a range of workbooks, quizzes, videos and handouts. 

All our Masterclasses and Masterminds attract CPD points, varying depending on the length of the individual course. You can visit the CPD database to check. 

Create yourself a plan 

If you’re unsure where to start, have a look at The Institute of Internal Communication Profession Map. It provides an overview of the different skills and behaviours internal communicators need. There is also a handy CPD template at the end of the publication where you can note down your goals for the year. Once you have your goals set for the year, check on your progress each quarter to see if there are any barriers getting in the way or whether something has changed that you need to reflect.  

Don’t forget, you can achieve all 75 points just using the All Things IC blog and Candid Comms podcast! Search All Things IC in the provider field within the CIPR CPD system to find all our key resources, ready for you to log.  

Screenshot of searching All Things IC in the provider field of the CIPR CPD system

Post author: Dan Holden 

First published on the All Things IC blog 17 April 2023. 

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