Diary of a Hungarian communicator…

CsabaWhile researching my dissertation in March 2009 I came into contact with Csaba Szücs in Hungary via Twitter. Since then we have exchanged countless ideas and many emails in our search to increase our knowledge and share what we find.  Csaba has kindly agreed to write a diary of life as a communicator in Hungary through my blog, so I will hand you over to him.

I believe I definitely should start this post with an introduction. Who am I? My name is Csaba Szücs, a Hungarian guy, who is especially interested in internal communications. You may encountered me on the internet – thanks to my blog, which I closed down permanently. I started that one more than 1 year ago but due to a workplace change I decided to finish it. (Also I learnt a lot along the way and I thought I could do much better than that one. I have plans regarding a new blog but that will focus solely on an internal communications toolkit.)

I worked for DENSO Manufacturing Hungary Ltd. for more than 3 years as an internal communications specialist.

In November, 2009 I saw an ad about an internal communications specialist position at Vodafone Hungary Ltd. I was very interested in the position because some months ago I watched a video on YouTube and I was amazed by what I saw. I applied for it and after two interviews they decided to appoint me.

After I heard the good news I discussed it with Rachel and I decided that I will contribute to her blog on a weekly basis. I believe my updates will be interesting for other internal communicators to read. What will I be posting about? In the beginning I have to focus on managing the intranet as it has to be refreshed. (I bet the social media tools, which can be used internally, will be important here in Hungary, too. On a global level the employees of the company use them more frequently.) So my posts will cover that and I also have several other tasks to do, which are not less important but they are simpler. The work will be definitely interesting because during the end of 2009 there were some changes. The Head of Internal Communications, who is also a new employee from January, will report to HR instead of Corporate Communications.

If you have some specific questions I am happy to answer to you if I can. You can comment, of course, I will read and react on them. If you want to contact me, I am an avid Twitter user and my username is: @ICsaba. Your feedback is appreciated – even if you express your disagreement! Csaba.


  1. Looking forward to more posts, Csaba. I’m especially interested in how the reporting switch from Corporate Communications to HR goes. I work in organization design, among other things, and internal communications reporting relationship with HR is always interesting!

  2. Jon Weedon says:

    Szervus Csaba – hoj vagy?

    Been following you on Twitter for a while now as other than Internal Communications, Hungary is a real passion of mine (15 years married to a Hungarian 😉

    I assume you are in Budapest? Are you working at the Vodafone building off Soroksari Ut or are you in the City Centre?

    I have just made the opposite switch, from reporting into to HR to Corporate Communications, so I too will be watching out for your updates with interest. Good luck,


  3. Csaba Szücs says:

    Reporting to HR is not a new thing for me. But issues could arise if HR forget that internal communications is more than employee communications. (This is not just a play with the words.)

  4. Csaba Szücs says:

    Thank you for your comment. So you are connected to Hungary. What a surprise! What do you think about the Hungarian language?

    By the way I am working in the building, which is next to the Soroksári street.

  5. […] posts and comments written by me – represent my own and not those of my employer. Last time I only introduced myself so I didn’t feel necessary to do […]

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