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Every now and again I spot something in the world of internal communication that stands out. Something I know will immediately benefit my clients, contacts and network.

I’ve got a treat for you as The Elements of IC has just launched. It’s not just a shiny new website, but an incredibly rich resource that will help you in your role.

The site is an evolution of the periodic table of internal communication (pictured). Today it just got even better and you’re invited to check it out and help shape its future.

The site is the brainchild of Alan Oram, @alanhasideas, Creative Director of Alive With Ideas and ICology founder Chuck Gose @chuckgose.

This is their hard work, and if there’s something these chaps know individually and collectively, it’s the wonderful world of internal comms and the fact practitioners are in dire need of resources.

Congratulations to you both (and thank you for pointing practitioners to the All Things IC website). I welcome the site and thank you for creating it.

Let’s take a closer look…

What started as Alan and Chuck’s idea spread to thousands of communicators in more than 30 countries around the world.

Alan says: “The simple concept has developed into a unique community tool for internal communicators globally. The Elements of IC is something different – it’s bright, it’s bold, it’s colourful and crucially, it’s easy and fun to use.”

The common elements of smart internal communication includes a set of building blocks that, when brought together create an affinity, setting off a chain reaction that leads to better collaboration, greater productivity and enhanced performance.

They are looking to define the building blocks of IC and create an interactive resource for comms pros to jump-start discussions and plans, helping to spark ideas and create compelling communications.

The Elements of IC explained

The site is separated into seven sections that flow logically through the process of comms planning, execution and measurement – Strategy, Objectives, Themes, Audiences, Formats, Channels and Metrics.

Within these, there are over 150 elements, clickable tabs that explore all corners of the IC function, sharing related links, articles, videos, visuals and podcasts.

How is it broken down?

Strategy is the start, then Objectives explore challenges such as brand building and trust while Audiences include everyone from senior leaders to remote workers, offline employees and volunteers. Formats covers approaches from face-to-face comms and collaboration to storytelling and digital comms. And the final category, Metrics, explores many of the common, and not so common methods of measuring outcomes and success.

And now it’s over to YOU

Alan adds: “This is by no means the finished product. It’s been designed as an ever-evolving source of information. And for that to happen we need you, the comms pro, to submit YOUR sources as well as those you’ve discovered and continue to discover.”

Chuck Gose, founder of ICology says: “Much like the original periodic table’s creator Dmitri Mendeleev, we knew that ours wasn’t perfect. There would be gaps, largely led by the evolution of internal communication. And it will continue to evolve, as does the profession. That’s really the beauty of this tool.

“With version two, we’ve added even more depth. No longer is it just a listing of IC elements, but now communicators can dig deeper into that element to find videos, case studies, reports and more. And if there is something they’ve seen or created that adds context, they can submit it to be listed as a featured item.

This isn’t about ICology. It isn’t about Alive With Ideas. We are just the caretakers. It’s about the IC profession and its continued maturity as a profession.

“We need internal communicators from around the world to lend their own expertise to fulfill its potential.”

Alan adds: “Having chatted to many people who downloaded the original Periodic Table of IC, this is a welcome development that will help to highlight the vital role of IC within organisations, jump starting discussion and plans and helping to spark and communicate exciting new thoughts and ideas. I for one am super excited to see how the IC community develops and broadens this exciting new resource.”

What do you think of elementsofic.com? Do let Chuck and Alan know.

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Post author: Rachel Miller.

First published on the All Things IC blog 27 February 2017.

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