Ready for National Employee Motivation Day?

Tomorrow is Employee Motivation Day here in the UK. It’s a chance to encourage everyone in your company to show their appreciation for each other’s hard work.

EMDWe all know you should be doing that anyway, but it’s a timely reminder of the importance of small actions.

Employee Motivation Day (EMD) was launched by Argos for Business in 2015 to ‘inspire passion and appreciation across the UK’s workforce.’ Since then, companies all over the country have already taken part, and you’re welcome to join them.

If you’ve only just heard about it and it’s too late to get properly organised, you could organise your very own day on a date of your choosing. I’ve written about employee engagement for years, it’s one of the most popular topics on my blog.

This stuff matters, and there are actions you can take today to inspire and motivate your team.

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What you need to know about EMD and where to get more information

Tips, tricks and techniques for top teams

What is Employee Motivation Day?

Follow them on Twitter @NatMotivateDay

EMDHashtags to keep an eye on are as follows (I’m guessing they couldn’t choose!)… #EmployeeMotivationDay #EMD #MakeTheTeam and #NatMotivateDay.

Argos for Business has commissioned a nationwide survey exploring motivation levels among the UK’s workforce and examining how various personality types take on very different roles.

A spokesperson said: “All employees have a specific skills set and form a vital part of a team in the workplace, whether they are people-orientated, creative, questioning or prefer to work quietly and independently – they all deserve to be recognised for their ongoing contribution to a business.


Businesses can thrive by encouraging a collaborative working environment that allows each personality type to have an impact.

“It’s a day to help celebrate the efforts of the nation’s workforce and encourage everybody to feel more motivated in their jobs. The great news is that motivational strategies need not cost the Earth, or indeed anything at all. Simply feeling valued, or thanked for a job well done resonates with British workers, leaving a positive and affirming effect on employees and the businesses they work for.”


Here’s what being discussed online

Are you marking the day? Do let me know how – you’re welcome to comment below or Tweet me @AllthingsIC.


Post author: Rachel Miller

First published on the All Things IC blog 24 February 2016.


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