Five takeaways from this year’s Strategic Internal Communications conference

As a profession where we know the importance of feedback, measurement and engagement, it’s hardly surprising that the question on everybody’s lips following this year’s PRWeek Strategic Internal Communications conference was, “what are your key takeaways?,” and that’s not the Friday fish and chips or a cheeky curry kind, either!

This is the view of Ayla Iskender @Ayla_Iskender, who was at the conference last week and has written for the All Things IC blog to share what struck her.

I enjoyed speaking about line managers at the event and answering questions from Internal Communication practitioners in the room. Would you like me to write about my talk? Do let me know in the comments below or find me on Twitter @AllthingsIC.

Thank you PRWeek for inviting me to be the media partner again this year. I met lots of Comms pros on Thursday who told me they had used my code to save on their tickets, which is great. Thank you to everyone who stopped me to say hello, share their insights, ask me questions and give me feedback on my talk.

PRWeek’s Strategic IC Conference, Hilton, Canary Wharf, London.

I’ll hand you over to Ayla, who is Communications Executive at Apollo Fire Detectors…

Five takeaways from this year’s PRWeek Strategic Internal Communications conference you need to be doing right now

With industry-leading guest speakers sharing their knowledge on a wide variety of topics, no doubt those who attended would’ve come away with their own thoughts of what they can take back to their organisation.

Yet there were consistent themes throughout all the presentations, starting from the very first on day one, with a talk from Helen Willetts and Tom Engel from BT, who are Directors of Internal and External Communications, respectively, to the final presentation by Áine Murphy, Head of Internal Communications and Engagement at Scope, sharing her experience on employee brand.

Here’s a summary of those takeaway themes.

1) Take time out to think

We’re living in a 24/7 digital age where we’re constantly on the go, being pulled in different directions to manage different priorities. Having two days out for personal development doesn’t sound like it would make much of a difference; yet hearing case studies and real examples of where tools and campaigns worked, can’t be quantified. I – and my fellow attendees – were reminded to take stock every now and then, take it back to basics and be true to yourself.

2) Make some new friends

I lost count how many times this was mentioned throughout the two days; spend time speaking to those in HR, Marketing, IT and beyond and make friends with them.

The quality of partnerships you have with those in other departments will ultimately result in amazing content that not only helps you with internal campaigns; it also reiterates what your organisation stands for. If collaboration or excellence is one of your organisation’s values, developing those relationships will demonstrate to your wider workforce and potential new candidates that your organisation does live their values. You might be able to pinch some of their budget too, to really help deliver effective campaigns throughout the business.

3) Focus on inside out

Make your employees feel valued and respected, by letting them know of organisational news and updates first, before sharing the news externally. It sounds so obvious and simple, right?

Well the fact that this was a topic of conversation throughout the two days, makes it clear that as IC professionals, we have a lot of work to – referring back to making friends – to ensure this happens.

4) The future is now, and so is AI

It’s hard to believe that some organisations haven’t yet even made the digital transformation journey, when artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced to the point where businesses are using technology to judge their employee’s emotions upon entering and leaving work. We’re aware of what brands are doing to incorporate AI in their external communications (chat bots for example), but what are we doing to encourage an AI powered workforce? Make sure you check out the speaker’s Twitter handle (@PRKezza) for more on AI in communications.

5) Internal communication is everyone’s responsibility

This last point is a nod to Rachel Miller at All Things IC for her presentation on How to help your line managers be better communicators (and the speaker I took the most notes on!). We’ve all had line managers that haven’t been the best for many different reasons; well helping managers in our organisation be able to communicate with their team, not at their team is where we, as a profession, can make the difference.

And to that note, internal communication is too important to be one person’s sole responsibility, it’s everyone’s responsibility. The outcome of effective line manager communications can result in a happier and more valued workforce, but also lends itself to organically creating employee ambassadors empowering your organisation’s brand.

One of the last topics was on mental health and the role as communicators we have to drive the agenda. Having experienced poor mental health myself, and led on multiple campaigns during my time at B&Q, this topic is particularly close to my heart. It was a great panel discussion featuring those who have contributed to ensuring mental health and overall workplace wellbeing is top of mind for their respective leadership teams.

It wasn’t long until I raised a hand for the microphone, when tumbleweed fell across the audience when no-one wanted to share their own experiences of delivering an effective workplace wellbeing campaign.

Afterwards, several people came up to me to ask for some tips; my own advice for anyone who is looking to introduce real change in the workplace wellbeing domain, make sure you keep it simple and real; if it’s not authentic, it won’t resonate.

And work with your HR team too (or whoever owns employee health) to deliver it – remember everyone is responsibility for internal communication.

In conclusion
My first time at an internal communications conference, the imposter syndrome in me wondered whether I had enough experience to even be at such an event, which in hindsight now I realise is absolutely ludicrous.

It wasn’t just a conference, it was two days of training and time out of day-to-day life for all levels of experience in the IC world, through hearing case studies and practical advice, having the opportunity to have the headspace to think outside the box and benchmarking campaigns against what other brands have done.

Not forgetting making new best friends through networking; now it’s time to go back and make more.

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Post author: Ayla Iskender.

Thank you very much Ayla.

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First published on the All Things IC blog 8 December 2019.

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