A mini way to communicate

I recently discovered Foldable.Me when they were present at Social Media Inside the Large Enterprise (SMILE) and kindly gave me a little character of myself (pictured – known as a Foldable).

minime_I was intrigued by the cardboard people on display at SMILE and asked Andy Bell and Richard Ling from the company to share via my blog how companies are using them as part of their communication campaigns.

They are little figures that you design online and personalise. There was a queue at their stand at SMILE as internal comms pros clamoured to get their hands on their very own ones by designing them online.

Have you spotted something new that’s being used by IC pros? If so and you have a story to share, do contact me with your idea.

Over to you Andy and Richard…

A mini way to communicate
As we spend ever more of our lives staring at screens, Foldables are little people that remind us that it’s the humans that really matter.

Foldables are little 3D cardboard avatars. The genius of them is that you can make one look like you… or your colleagues. The online creation tool lets choose from thousands of combinations of hairdos, outfits, eyes, eyewear, noses, mouths and more.

You can see an overview video of what they are here.

There are a number of ways Foldables can be used in business communication, such as celebrating corporate get togethers.

foldableFor example WePay.com made Foldables of all their employees for one of their brand days. Dean Young, Product Marketer at WePay said: “We had been looking for ways to represent our brand and values. We needed to find something that was clever, human, and simple, so when we came across Foldables, we fell in love with them instantly.

“We held a brand day focused on celebrating our commitment to our customers. We handed out Foldables and everyone had a great time putting them together right away. The “puzzle piece” aspect to them made it a lot of fun. Not only did they lend themselves to fun, collaborative projects, but also they sparked conversations about our brand and values.

“Post-event, we see them everywhere in the office. We’re at close to 50 employees, so they have really taken the office by storm. It’s a nice reminder of our brand day and values when we see them. We’ve also included them in a few social media campaigns.

“It’s nice to include a photo in social media posts, but when we add a Foldable, it represents our brand a lot better than stock images. We even made a stop motion video (below), which was a great opportunity for some of our employees to show off their diverse talents. That’s how we’re continuing to get value out of the Foldables and just have fun!”

When a team member left shoe company Zappos, they commissioned 20 Foldables to mark the occasion.

Also pictured on this page is 6000 Foldables which were created to form a papercraft march on Parliament Square in London as part of an event to promote Fairtrade.

You can see a video of their creation here:

You can find us on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter to see lots more photos and ways people have used Foldables for their comms campaigns and information about pricing etc.

Post authors: Andy Bell and Richard Ling.

Thank you for sharing the story behind Foldables chaps. What do you think of them? If you fancy checking them out, email services@foldable.me mentioning you read about them on All Things IC and they’ve promised to offer a discount for my readers.

Here’s the video they mentioned above:



  1. Yasmin Ocansey says:

    What a cool way to bring the fun factor into the workplace! For most people, going to work is a drag, so it’s so good to have something or ‘someone’ like a minime to have around, and the impact on morale would be fantastic! If the brand is strong on the inside, it will be strong on the outside.

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