How blogging can help your business

Are you thinking about starting a blog for you or your company? Want to know how to begin, whether it works and how to promote your content?

Today you can hear me talking about all of these topics via the latest podcast from the marvellous Janet Murray from Soulful PR.

Janet invited me onto her show and asked me to reveal my thinking behind the All Things IC blog.

Throughout the course of our discussion we examined:

  • why I write
  • how to blog
  • what other potential bloggers can learn from what I do
  • the importance of personal branding
  • guest blogging
  • search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • how to use social media to promote content
  • where to get content ideas from.

I also revealed how blogging since 2009 led to the creation of All Things IC consultancy four years ago and how I work with clients.

Thank you Janet for inviting me. You can find Janet’s book Your Press Release Is Breaking My Heart on Amazon and follow her on Twitter @Jan_murray.

I recommend listening to her Soulful PR podcasts if you want to learn more about PR. I regularly tune in while working in my office to learn about all sorts of topics from SEO to personal branding and much more.

Building work finished last week on my brand new “shedquarters” home office for All Things IC in London. As a fellow-shedquarters owner, Janet and I were swapping tips once recording stopped.

As we know, work is a thing you do, rather than a place you go, however, I’m thoroughly enjoying the new working environment for my business.

My view on whether blogging can help your business is yes, it absolutely can.

I describe having a blog as my shop window. It means potential All Things IC clients can read what’s important to me and know how I think and work. This enables them to decide if I’m the right person to help them.

Yesterday marked two years since I returned to work after having my twin sons. Thank you to all my Masterclass attendees and the clients I’ve worked with or am scheduling at the moment. It’s a pleasure to help you succeed and I love hearing and observing how you’re getting on after our time together.

You can listen to our conversation online and below. You can Play in new window or Download.

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I’m curious to know if you’re thinking of blogging and whether you found the podcast useful.

Regular readers will know I recently featured Janet’s excellent advice on How to Describe What You Do In 10 Words or Fewer on my blog. How’s your personal help statement coming along?

As ever, you’re welcome to comment below or you can find me on Twitter @AllthingsIC.

My top 10 tips to help you blog:

  1. Give yourself time to evolve
  2. Find your niche
  3. Be picky
  4. Write evergreen content
  5. Reuse your thoughts
  6. Overcome writer’s block
  7. Find content ideas
  8. Ask for feedback
  9. Promote your work
  10. Enjoy it.

You can find all the details behind those tips via my 1000th blog post.

Here are some of the articles and resources I mentioned in the show:

Happy listening.

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Post author: Rachel Miller

First published on the All Things IC blog 28 July 2017. Updated 2018.




  1. Corina says:

    Absolutely loved your interview, Rachel!

    Congratulations for all the work you do.

    P.S: I love your website facelift.

    “See you” on social!

  2. Thank you very much Corina.

  3. Masz Razak says:

    I loved your new branding and the interface of your website. As always your site is very resourceful. I sometimes share them with communication folks around my city. Cheers from Malaysia!

  4. Thank you very much Masz. Thank you for your shares on LinkedIn too, Rachel.

  5. Lauren Ashworth says:

    Hi Rachel, I would love to listen to this but for some reason the link won’t play and it won’t let me download it. Could you email me the file please?

  6. Hi Lauren, I just updated the post with all the available links Janet has, hope that helps, Rachel

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