How to get help with Microsoft 365 in 2020

Do your 2020 plans include rolling out Microsoft 365 or creating a new SharePoint intranet?

If you have the platform already, do you know how to make the most of it? Are the right governance structures in place in your company?

Can you answer your IT colleagues’ questions? Do you know what you need to ask them?

Today I’m launching my brand new monthly Masterclass which focuses on helping IC and IT practitioners learn what Microsoft 365 is (formerly known as Office 365), how it works and how both functions need to work together to make the right decisions for your organisation.

I’ve partnered with my IT Consultant Husband Jon to introduce this new topic to my monthly Masterclasses. We’ve been running sessions for my clients over the past few months and now you can benefit too.

The first Microsoft 365 Masterclass will be held on Thursday 27 February 2020 at the All Things IC Hub in London.

You’ll spend the day with us and up to nine other people, so will meet other people who have queries and get to hear how they have been getting on too.

The invitation extends to both Internal Communication and IT practitioners. Perhaps an IT colleague would benefit from coming too?

If you’d like time dedicated solely to your organisation, our half-day bespoke Microsoft Masterclass or 90-minute call is for you.

Working well together
Jon and I have been bringing each other in to advise our respective clients for a couple of years now and have decided to formalise our offering. We met while working in-house in the railway, where we oversaw a large tech refresh via our Business Partner roles, so know only too well how important it is for both parties to work together well.

We’re proud to have worked with some fantastic organisations across the private, public and non-profit sectors including. In recent years we have worked together on Microsoft 365 projects for companies including Westminster City Council, Nomad Foods, Hammersmith & Fulham Council, Kensington and Chelsea Council, Zoological Society of London and Camden Council.

I’ve advised the Comms teams, mapping business requirements to the tech, while Jon has advised the IT teams and built the infrastructure, including intranets.

We’ve been teaching IT and Comms teams how to make it work from both perspectives, solving problems and getting the functions to communicate (often the main issue!).

We’ve hosted collective sessions, which result in faster decision making all round and led to us offering this to you.

Experience has shown us you need the combination of IT and Comms teams working together to make sure a technology rollout is not just about the tools, but the required mindset and culture change.

A lot of questions

Whether Microsoft 365 is on the cards for the future or you’re exploring if it’s the right solution for your organisation, chances are you have a lot of questions.

They typically include:

  • What does good look like?
  • How do we need to get ready?
  • What role does IT need to play?
  • What role does Comms need to play?
  • What does everything do and how does it function together?

If you’re stuck when it comes to all things Teams, Groups, Yammer, SharePoint or anything else Microsoft 365 related, Jon and I can help.

This Microsoft 365 Masterclass on 27 February 2020 will be hosted at the All Things IC Hub in Ealing, London. Your investment is £599 +VAT per person and the day will run from 9.30am – 4.30pm.
Sign up today to save your place and start getting some answers to your conundrums.

Half-day bespoke Masterclass

Our half-day bespoke Masterclass creates an opportunity for IT and Comms teams at your organisation to work together to make the right decisions for your company  when it comes to Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365).
The half-day option gives you plenty of opportunity to have a detailed discussion, either as an IT team, IC team or jointly. You’ll work with Jon and I during our time together, hearing from two experienced Consultants from both the IT and IC perspectives.
This session will take place at the All Things IC Hub or at your office in London and your investment is £1999 +VAT. .

How we can help you remotely: 90-minute Consultation Call

Not based in London? Jon and I can have a 90-minute Consultation Call with you wherever you are in the world.
The cost of the Consultation Call is £499 +VAT for a 90-minute call with both of us. If you have any queries, please contact Rachel’s Executive Assistant Louise.

Learn about Internal Communication in 2020

Dates for my upcoming Masterclasses can be found on my website.
They include:
Do get in touch if you have any queries.
Thank you for stopping by


First published on the All Things IC blog 13 December 2019.

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