How to learn about change communication

Does 2023 hold big changes for your organisation? Do you want to learn about change communication?

Read on to discover our latest ‘Behind the scenes’ feature on the All Things IC Monthly Masterclasses.  We’ve put our Change Communication Masterclass under the spotlight today.

Our next Change Comms Masterclass is taking place on Wednesday 8 March 2023 and there’s still time to save your seat.

It’s an ideal Masterclass for anyone working within internal communication or for HR professionals curious to know more about change comms.

As with all our Monthly Masterclasses, it’s a blend of theory and reality. Why? From experience, you need both. It’s great to know frameworks and models, but understanding how to translate them into reality and know how to use them, is a core part of our training courses.

All Things IC Communication Consultant Dan Holden delivers this Masterclass, and I asked him some questions on what attendees can expect from our upcoming courses on 8 March and 19 July 2023.

To start us off Dan, who is our Change Comms Masterclass for?
The Masterclass is ideal for in-house communicators who have at least six months experience and it’s also suited for those communicators with more experience. The content is relevant to all internal communicators.

For those who are perhaps in their first internal comms role, the Masterclass provides an in-depth introduction, covering some theory behind change and a touch of behavioural science and then how these flow into communication models. I’m mindful this can sometimes feel daunting so there is time in the afternoon to run through in small groups scenarios to help put theory into practice.

More experienced communicators will find the Masterclass an ideal refresher and to have some headspace to step back and apply the learnings throughout the day against current change projects. The opportunities to talk with peers is also invaluable as frequently there are lightbulb moments hearing how other communicators are approaching their change communications.

Is there anyone this Masterclass isn’t aimed at?
For those who are in their first internal comms role and perhaps haven’t had the opportunity to study the profession, I’d suggest joining us on the Effective Internal Communication Masterclass. This provides a broader introduction to internal communications and is a good first step. Upcoming dates are 28 June and 13 September 2023.

So Dan, what do you cover during the Masterclass?
It’s full that’s for sure but, there is plenty of time for discussion and often we explore real scenarios as it’s a confidential and safe space to learn.

The key topics covered throughout the day include:

  • Understanding what change is
  • The types of change that happen within organisations
  • Change models and how these link to internal communication
  • The role of stakeholder groups during change
  • Understanding the mindset of colleagues
  • Equipping Leaders and Managers
  • How to use internal communication channels effectively during change.

There are plenty of handouts and templates as we want to equip attendees with practical tools they can go back and use straight away. In the afternoon, we spilt into smaller groups so there is time to consolidate everything through practical application.

Is there a particular learning style the Masterclass is best suited for?
All our Masterclasses are mindful of the different ways we all learn. There is a mix of reflection, handouts to read and resources to listen to later. Attendees can share, but no one is put on the spot and if you prefer to learn by listening and reflecting, that’s fine.

The attendee numbers are small (up to six people) so when we break into smaller groups there is plenty of time to talk and learn from others including over tea and cake.

I make sure there is time within the day to stop and discuss any challenges or situations attendees face. That way, it brings the content of the Masterclass into a more relevant context.

Is there any pre-work or actions afterwards?
No there isn’t anything to do in advance. Louise from the team looks after everyone, ensuring you have directions to the All Things IC Hub and capturing any dietary requirements. You don’t even need to bring a laptop or notebook as we’ll give you some lovely All Things IC stationery and an All Things IC Masterclass workbook.

There is time at the end to reflect on your learnings and think about what you’re taking away from the day. This doesn’t mean creating a big to-do list but taking a few moments to plan what you might do after the day.

Is there an option for communicators who can’t make it to London?
If you find that you’re starting to work on change communication, our How to be a strategic communicator Masterclass is available for in-house practitioners. It covers a wider range of themes including jargon busting, working with leaders and employees and working as a trusted adviser. All of these to you can apply when working on change communications.

There is also our shorter The Internal Communicator’s guide to hybrid working Masterclass for those communicators supporting their organisations with hybrid ways of working.

You can also arrange a separate 1-2-1 Power Hour call or a bespoke Change Comms training session with an All Things IC team member.

What should people do if they aren’t sure this is the right Masterclass for them?
Send a message via the All Things IC website or email We can either arrange a short call or send you a reply with our suggestions.

Change Communication for Internal Communicators promotional image featuring Dan Holden

Book a spot for the next in-person Change Comms Masterclass at the All Things IC Hub with Dan on Wednesday 8 March 2023. If you can’t make this date and would be interested in joining a future Change Masterclass, sign-up to our monthly newsletter The water cooler to be the first to know about future dates.

You can also visit our ‘What’s on for Comms pros’ page for all our upcoming Monthly Masterclasses.

Further change comms resources from All Things IC

You can find more resources about how to plan for change communication on the All Things IC blog including:

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Post author: Dan Holden
First published on the All Things IC blog 17 February 2023.

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