How to mark World Kindness Day 2022

Sunday 13 November is World Kindness Day, providing us with a reminder on the importance of being kind to each other, to ourselves and to the world.

To help internal communicators plan for this day, Emma Lloyd, Chief Creator of ripples for Create the Ripple Ltd has shared her thoughts on the importance of kindness and how you can use ‘Create the Ripple Kindness Cards’ in your organisation.

Over to Emma….

Headshot of Emma Lloyd against an orange background to promote the blog 'How to mark World Kindness Day'

What does kindness mean to you?

I love being kind. I enjoy being kind. And I’m pretty good at it too! For some time, I think I was led to believe that I had magical mystery kindness powers. People would say, ‘you’re so thoughtful, Emma’, ‘you’re so kind’, and ‘you say things at just the right time’.

Well, there could be guru kindness skills at play… Or perhaps I’m just being human.

By simply pausing, slowing down and realising the benefits of kindness, we can all tap into our own inner kindness skill.

Now before I give Mother Teresa a run for her money, I don’t consider myself as any kinder than the next person. I also know I have an equally dominant ambitious trait. This means I love to get good stuff done and work hard to make things happen.

Are the two things connected? Can I be ambitiously kind? I believe we all can.

What does kindness mean to teams and leaders?

Every bottom-line measure can be enhanced with kindness. Whether it’s engagement, productivity, innovation, retention, wellbeing, efficiency, effectiveness, team cohesiveness, managing change.

You name it, and there’s a study to show us the benefits of kindness at work.

I’m fortunate to work with leaders and teams across industries and around the globe. I hear people actively looking for ways to purposefully translate some of our human skills into day-to-day professional ways of working. I see increasingly more organisations setting out aspirational new strategies and reimagining corporate values that encompass core skills like kindness. Yet, it almost feels like we can be hesitant about tapping into this seemingly innate human trait in the workplace.

It’s time to realise those ambitions and release the power of kindness!

How can we show more kindness, more of the time?

I wanted to capture that desire for more kindness and produce a practical resource that would help others incorporate this critical skill into their everyday working practices.

That’s why Create the Ripple Kindness Cards emerged. A personal goal, something to challenge myself with, and most importantly, to spread a little extra kindness in the world!

Mock up example of a selection of cards

What are Create the Ripple Kindness Cards?

I designed Create the Ripple Kindness Cards to motivate and guide us all to make even more of a positive impact. The pack of cards is split across four focused themes of self-kindness, kindness to others, team kindness or supporting a wider kindness culture. On one side of each card is an idea showing how we can demonstrate kindness. On the other side is a quote – a quick, kindness pick-me-up!

The idea is not to methodically work through the entire pack. It’s about finding a little time to pause, either alone or with friends, colleagues, or teams, and reflect, allowing the cards to inspire more considered moments of kindness and care.

How would you sum up the value of kindness for ourselves and our wider communities?

Practising kindness is incredibly impactful to those around us, as well as improving our own wellbeing and happiness. Kindness makes life feel more meaningful, it gives us a sense of belonging and forges stronger, deeper relationships.

Using the power of everyday kindness, we support ourselves and others in our increasingly task-rich, time-poor, always-on digital world. Kindness is an essential personal leadership skill. We can all cascade kindness through people, enhancing the culture of our communities along the way.

Spreading ripples of ambitious kindness

Kindness isn’t a soft skill; it’s a human skill. Essential for us all, today and tomorrow.

World Kindness Day is fast approaching, and this year’s theme is ‘Be kind whenever possible’ invoking a sense of responsibility on us all to practice kindness in everyday life.

With that in mind, and with a sense of collective purpose behind us, let’s all aim to be ambitiously kind!

Thank you Emma for sharing your insights on the All Things IC blog.

You can connect with Emma on LinkedIn or learn more about her Create the Ripple Kindness Cards.

About Emma

Emma is an experienced facilitator, trainer, presenter, and coach; as well as chief creator of ripples for Create the Ripple Ltd an innovative global learning and development agency. With a passion for helping others, Emma explored the world of business and whilst working in high performance cultures, she has proven that you can have fun and be successful too! Emma has developed an accomplished skill set and wide-ranging learning portfolio which has led to her involvement in the deployment and facilitation of many national and global learning initiatives. Emma is also a Fellow of the Learning & Performance Institute and TedX Speaker.

Emma’s focus is on creating a lasting and impactful experience for individuals and teams, to support sustainable workplace and personal application of learning. And everything she does is deep rooted in kindness!

Post author: Dan Holden. First published on the All Things IC blog 1 November 2022.

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