How to solve the right problems with your intranet

Want to see what other organisations are doing now to engage and support employees across their digital workplace? Real-life events offer unparalleled opportunity to learn from peers.

I couldn’t agree more with this view from Wedge Black, @wedge. He’s here with a guest post to share news about the upcoming Intranet Now conference on 7 June 2019. If you are interested in all things intranets and comms, you won’t want to miss it.

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I’ll hand you over to Wedge…

Introducing Summer Intranet Now

Intranet Now is known as a fast-paced autumn event for comms and intranet people.

But now, Lisa and I have launched a brand-new summer conference, which is lighter, brighter, and a little less frenetic!

While this will be our sixth conference, it’s our first summer event and we’re excited to experiment with the format.

Beyond the sharp keynotes and lightning talks, we’ll invite attendees to step up to the mic to share their 60-second ‘hot take’ – perhaps adding to, or challenging, the topic – or posing a question to the speaker.

Plus, there’ll be a lively debate, but only after each panelist has set out their position in a four-minute lightning talk.

The agenda for summer Intranet Now is less packed than at our autumn conference, and fewer presentations means more time for your questions, contributions, and peer-to-peer discussions.

We’ve built-in time for informal conversations and a choice of workshop, so there’s opportunity to discuss your challenges and experience with people in similar roles.

So far, we’ve announced that Sam Marshall, Elizabeth Marsh, Jesper Bylund, Ayesha Graves, and Kathryn Prosser are all lined up on the agenda, and we’ve several more practitioners and industry luminaries to confirm.

The theme is ‘Solving the right problems’ (with the right tech for the right people) and will no doubt cover employee engagement and productivity, considering communication and collaboration across the digital workplace.

The full-day conference is on 7 June, in London. Intranet Now is run entirely by Lisa and me; we’re both digital comms consultants and we just come together to put on the conference. We feel there’s a need, and we’re very pleased to serve the community (however one defines it). There’s no big company behind us, and we’re grateful for our sponsor-partners for helping to keep the tickets so well priced.

Lisa and I would be very pleased to welcome you; please consider joining 165 of your peers at our first summer event.

Post author: Wedge Black.

Thank you Wedge, I spoke at Intranet Now a couple of years ago and have been to previous ones.

You can see my presentation from 2016 below:

Don’t forget my exclusive ticket offer is only available for readers of my monthly newsletter, The Water Cooler. Sign up today to benefit from the All Things IC rate when my newsletter hits your inbox next week. It’s the only place you’ll find this All Things IC offer for Intranet Now attendees.

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First published on the All Things IC blog 22 March 2019.



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