How to start out in internal communication

Twenty years ago this week I entered the world of work as a trainee Journalist on my local newspaper. It was 1999, I was 18-years-old and excited about turning my dreams of being Lois Lane into reality.

I’d never heard of internal communication. It would be another three years until I stumbled across the phrase while searching for a new job online.

Fast forward 20 years, I’m a week away from the last birthday of my 30s and can’t imagine a better profession to be part of.

Internal communication is not presented as a career option in schools. I have conversations with cabbies each week who have no idea what internal communication is. (They’re crystal clear by the time we arrive!).

So what can be done?

Today I’m here with news of a brand new career guide which aims to stop people falling into comms and encourage them to fall for comms.

It was produced in partnership by FutureNet, the network for newcomers to internal communication and the Institute of Internal Communication. FutureNet is the first and only network of its kind dedicated to supporting new and upcoming internal communication professionals as they strive to become tomorrow’s IC leaders.

I’m impressed by the careers guide and know you’ll find it useful. You can download your own copy online.

Introducing the next generation
“We hope this guide is going to be a vital step on that journey to encourage people to fall for comms, introducing this interesting, nuanced, far-reaching, creative and utterly important profession to the next generation”, says FutureNet committee member and co-author of the IC Career Guide, Rebecca Leonard @BeckyTLeonard.

The committee say not only was the guide produced to entice potential IC professionals, but to support university or college lecturers, teachers and careers advisers to encourage their students and young people to consider seeking out a role in this important profession. Sounds good to me!

Co-author and FutureNet committee member, Rachel Bowyer @Rachel_Bowyer1, says: “Until you enter the world of work, you just aren’t aware of all the varied jobs that exist, let alone able to make a deliberate decision to apply for them when leaving education. The guide was written to help raise awareness for both students and career counsellors of the different opportunities out there.”

Want to see it?  Download your free copy. If you’re working with young people who are starting to make decisions about their career path, why not request an IC ambassador to come and speak to them about the fascinating world of internal communication.

Well done FutureNet and IoIC, I welcome this guide and thank you for all your hard work in creating this information to help current and future generations discover the profession for themselves.

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Learn more about internal communication

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Post author: Rachel Miller

First published on the All Things IC blog 13 September 2019.



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