How to write an internal communication strategy

Where should you start when writing an internal communication strategy? What information is essential to include, what format should it be in and how can you structure it?

Today I have an illustrated guide to help you think through how to write an internal comms strategy.

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One of the first articles I published on my blog in 2009 was a how-to guide on creating an internal communication strategy. It has been read thousands of times since then, and I’ve refreshed it a couple of times:

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Today I have a fresh look at the information I’ve shared thanks to the smart people at Alive With Ideas!

They have turned my thoughts into an infographic, which you can see below. My thanks to the team there, I hope you find it useful as a different way to access the information and ideas.

Your strategy should be research based, have employees at its centre and be easily understood by anyone who reads it 

App_AllthingsICI wrote countless strategy documents over the years while working in-house as a comms professional, and now regularly write them for All Things IC’s clients.

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When approaching strategy creation, my top tip over everything else is:

Ensure any communication strategy aligns with your company’s strategy

How to learn more

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How to be an internal communicator

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What do you think of the infographic? As ever, you’re welcome to comment below or Tweet me @AllThingsIC.

P.s. I’ve also pinned it on my IC board on Pinterest, which is home to some of my favourite internal comms resources. To find out more about Pinterest, see my How to use Pinterest for internal comms article.


All Things IC internal communication strategy

Infographic designed by Alive With Ideas!

You can also see it via SlideShare:

Post author: Rachel Miller



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