I’m writing a book on internal communication

Back in 2017  I met with business coach Julie Hall and told her I wanted to write a book on strategic internal communication.

Having contributed chapters to various PR books over the years, I felt compelled to write my own.

Following our time together, I realised there were many more avenues I wanted to explore first. So the idea moved down my timeline of activities as I concentrated on growing the business.

Since then I’ve continued contributing chapters, expert views and forewords to books by comms friends. But the idea has never left my to do list.

Earlier this year, publisher Kogan Page approached me and we started discussions about me writing a book. This led to the green light and signing a contract with them.

Well done to my team for helping me keep this news under wraps. I agreed with the publisher that I would announce it for the first time at All Things IC Live on 17 May 2023.

I wasn’t expecting a round of applause! Thank you for all the kind feedback and support. The book will be at least 80,000 words long and is due to be published in April 2024.

The working title is: Internal communication strategy: design, develop and transform your organizational communication.

I’m getting used to switching to z in my copy for the word organization.

Its structure follows The MILLER Framework for internal communication strategies. I developed and trademarked it as a way to help internal communicators write their IC strategies. My team and I have used it successfully with All Things IC’s clients over the past couple of years.

I rarely share full details of the framework outside of client work or the Online Masterclass of the same name: How to write an internal communication strategy. The book aims to make it accessible to all, so internal communicators around the globe can have a head start when creating their strategy.

How to write an internal communication strategy

Focusing on internal communication strategy

During All Things IC Live last week, I spoke about internal communication strategy as my Team Teal Talk. It’s a topic I’m passionate about and love advising on.

I asked attendees to share any queries in the pre-Masterclass survey, then addressed them and revealed how the framework aligns to each of them.

Questions included:

  • How often should I update it? How do I adapt it when change happens?
  • How to build an IC strategy for Europe while navigating rogue comms from local office?
  • How to structure an IC strategy, what goes in it?
  • How can I use an audit to inform the development of my IC strategy?
  • How do I include measurement?
  • Should I create one for the Group, or individual for each company in the Group?
  • How much is too much?
  • Huge opportunity in my organisation, how do I break down what’s achievable?
  • How do you encourage buy-in or commitment to an IC strategy?

I will be addressing these queries in the book and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you next year.

I’ve worked in the field of communication since 1999 and benefitted from the wisdom and insights of those who work out loud. I’ve been a voracious reader and consumer of techniques, taking inspiration and guidance from Melcrum (now Gartner), Bill Quirke, Dr Kevin Ruck, Dr Heather Yaxley, Sue Dewhurst, Liam FitzPatrick and many more, before going on to develop my own methods and ideas.

My aim is for Internal communication strategy: design, develop and transform your organizational communication to be the book I wish I’d had available to me. It also builds on 14 years of writing this blog. I’m finding writing it an emotional experience as I’m sharing mistakes I’ve made, advice to heed and techniques to try.

How to write

The first deadline is next week and I’m 23,000 words in so far. I have never written anything that has flowed so easily, it’s pouring out!

Trying to write in a house with three young children and while running a business requires being super organised, which has meant understanding how to create the right conditions.

I’m not able to invest in time away at intensive writing retreats due to family commitments, so I’ve developed writing practices while my children are at school or in bed.  These include two deep focus playlists via Apple Music. I’ve realised I need particular sounds and songs (with no lyrics) to get my brain into flow state, which unlocks my thoughts.

Books I’ve contributed to:

  • Expert view in Successful Employee Communications, Sue Dewhurst and Liam FitzPatrick, Kogan Page, 2022.
  • I wrote the foreword for Better Internal Communication, Lesley Allman, Rethink publishing, 2021
  • Wrote the internal communication chapter in FuturePRoof2, 2016
  • Internal communication chapter for PRStack, 2015
  • Wrote the internal communication chapter in Share This Too: More Social Media Solutions for PR professionals, Wiley, 2013
  • Wrote a chapter on enterprise social networks and IC in Maximise Your Social by Neal Schaffer, 2013.
  • Examined internal communication and social media as a chapter in Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR professionals, Wiley, 2012.

I’m not going to keep writing about writing, but I may update The Water Cooler readers as I go.

Thank you to everyone who has responded so positively and kindly, and to the internal communicators I have approached so far to feature your views.

Writing is calling. Thank you for stopping by,


Post author: Rachel Miller

First published on the All Things IC blog 26 May 2023.

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