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The fifth annual CIPR Inside #insidestory awards are now open.

This is your opportunity to have your hard work recognised by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and celebrate excellence in internal comms and employee engagement.

Every year the group of internal communicators on the CIPR Inside @CIPRInside committee review the programme, and adapt it to make sure it delivers what the changing world of internal communication needs.

It’s evolved again. This year they’ve overhauled the criteria to clarify what’s required for each category and renewed the entry process.

Fresh approach

The categories have been reviewed. They’ve retained the popular ones, brought back international and created a new ‘Internal communication campaign’ category that gives you a different option if your work is not in support of a change or employee engagement programme specifically.

There is also a new Special Judges award which each entry will be entered into automatically.

The winner of this award will be decided by the panel of judges with a focus on best practice, use of measurement and results achieved.

The CIPR committee has also revised the sub-categories to:

“give a fair playing field and split the big categories to work better for entrants.”

See the Awards 2017 page for all the categories.

What’s changed 

Steven Murgatroyd, @Steve_murg, CIPR Inside Chair told me: “A big change we’ve made is to make both the Clare Latham award and the Future leader award nomination categories. We realise that most internal comms folk don’t tend to shout about their good work or put themselves in the limelight.

But we all know some fantastic individuals who deserve credit.

“So we’re following the success of last year’s nominations with the Clare Latham award and introducing this approach with the Future Leader award too.”

As the inaugural winner of the Clare Latham award (pictured below) back in 2014, I agree with Steve and wholeheartedly recommend nominating someone in your team or the industry who deserves to be recognised for Best Individual Contribution to Internal Communication.

I can see my award on the shelves in my office as I’m writing this post and feel proud to have won.


Making the grade

The criteria has been overhauled for the awards, the committee say it’s clearer, more rigorous and in line with the CIPR Excellence awards criteria.

These awards are hard won and well deserved.

See the Awards 2017 page for all the categories.

Steve adds: “Last year we trialled a judging day with the Future Leader category and it really added to the debate and judging process. So this year we are introducing a judging day for everyone who is shortlisted for the Best in-house team, Best agency, Clare Latham award and the Future leader.

“This will give our judges the opportunity to meet you in person, and for you to give them more detail about your work and demonstrate why you are winners.”

See what happened at this year’s awards below and via my blog:

A new process for entries

Until now CIPR Inside has called for entries for email. As the awards have grown and number of entries has risen, they’ve met this challenge by changing the process.

So they are now using a system that is used for CIPR Excellence and PRide awards.

The new system for uploading your #insidestory award entries is NOW LIVE.

Why enter awards?

Rachel Miller Awards All Things ICI get asked this question a lot. As someone who has been fortunate to receive various awards over the years, they’re welcome additions to my CV, useful as a benchmark of my work and I welcome the unfiltered feedback from peers and experts.

They’ve often been a talking point when people have hired All Things IC for consultancy too.

As a regular judge of industry awards I’ve written my top tips so you can discover how awards processes work and how to write entries.

You can read them below. Clue – it’s all about measurement.

How to enter comms awards
Seven reasons to enter comms awards

Do your homework and make smart choices. I’ve given you a head-start – see my comms calendar of the awards that I’m aware of. If you know of some that are missing, do let me know.

IoIC Awards
The Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) has just announced its Central and North region awards.

See the IoIC website for more information. The closing date is 25 November 2016.

Best of luck if you decide to enter.




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Post author: Rachel Miller

First published on the All Things IC blog 20 October 2016.

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