The Little Book of Inspiration

curiosityIn an age where knowledge is more accessible than ever, how do we create engaged workplace learners that are inspired to go out and discover the answers themselves?

Reed and Learning Technologies put that question to 13 leading experts and Learning & Development thinkers, and created The Little Book of Inspiration based on their responses.

Contributors include:

  • Clive Shepherd, Epic Group co-founder
  • Paul Stoltz, International speaker and author
  • Deborah Frances-White, Screenwriter & stand-up comedian
  • Euan Semple @euan, Speaker, writer and consultant
  • Brian Solis @briansolis, Award-winning author
  • Jim Kirkpatrick of Kirkpatrick Partners

The Little Book of Inspiration is worth a read, it’s completely free and you can read online or download as a PDF.

I really like the style of the book, it’s 22 pages long and I think you’ll enjoy it. I’m going to highlight one of the sections here, it’s by Brian Solis.

Becoming the Future

The future of learning is constant.

Technology is evolving faster than we can master each innovation. What isn’t advancing as quickly however is our philosophy on how we learn and, even more, how we teach. Innovation isn’t just about technology. Innovation begins from within.

To quote famed novelist Leo Tolstoy…

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

future_While I teach, no matter how much I learn, I am forever a student. I understand that it is what we learn that inspires us to see how to change the future for how others learn and teach as well.

Sometimes we just need a change in perspective…a change in how we see the world to shape how the world sees us. I am in constant pursuit of accepting who I am today and investing in who I want to be tomorrow.

But to grow, we need substance and direction.

It takes vision and courage to take the unknown next steps in a direction that most do not follow.

The distance between who you are and who you want to be is separated only by your aspirations and actions.


Uncover what is meaningful to you in the long-term and what you aspire to become.


Do the things that bring your dreams and your vision to life…even if it’s iterative.

It’s the sum of the parts that contributes to the whole and the outcome.


As you act, react, and persevere, you discover the secret to defining your own destiny follows the laws of physics, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The more you do, the more opportunities you unlock. You earn what you deserve.

This is your time to shape the way we learn and teach!

– by Brian Solis in The Little Book of Inspiration.

Who or what inspires you? I hope you take something from this little book that sparks a creative thought today or makes you think.



Post author: Rachel Miller.

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