How to SMILE before, during and after events

How do you use social tools before, during and after events? If you have an annual conference do you share information ahead of time? How do you include employees who couldn’t attend due to shift patterns, location or holiday?

SMILERegular readers of my blog will know that I am going to be presenting the findings of my research with simply-communicate on what social media is called inside organisations as part of Social Media Inside the Large Enterprise SMILE 2013” conference on Monday 23 September.

SMILE is the largest event of Social Media Week London. There’s a lot happening that week, I’ll also be speaking at the CIPR Inside annual internal communication conference on 25 September and about Share This Too at Ketchum on 26 September. See my speaking page for details.

(If you haven’t yet completed the 20 question survey, you only have a couple of days to get your answers in and be entered into a draw for the chance to win one of three tickets to SMILE. It closes on Friday 13 September, so be quick!). Thank you to everyone who has completed it so far.

I’ll also be running a session at SMILE on Policies and practice: How to equip your employees for social media success and the things you need to consider (e.g. guidelines) and am looking forward to meeting fellow IC pros and discussing this topic.

One of my fellow moderators, who will be in charge of another table is Matt O’Neill @mattoneill (pictured). Matt is Director at EventExtra and the driving force behind London Communicators and Engagement Group, LCEG. It started in 2007 and to date has run 77 events and has 1600 members.

Its events help comms professionals get new ideas, relationships, jobs and projects. I’ve mentioned LCEG a number of times on my blog including a guest article here and Storify here. To find out more, I recommend checking out its LinkedIn group.

I went to one of its events featuring Euan Semple @euan last year and it was excellent. You can read thoughts from Matt and I in a publication by Microsoft on internal communication that came out this year.

Here he writes for my blog to give us an insight into what he will be covering in a couple of weeks. Over to you Matt…

Something to simply SMILE about

matt_oneillA few weeks ago, I was flattered to be asked to run a session at Simply Communicate’s SMILE conference.

Amongst the heavyweight speakers, there will be some great comms people moderating other topics on the day. These include Neville Hobson,Benjamin EllisRachel Miller, Luke MephamEzri CarlebachWedge Black,Kevin RuckChris ElmittSobia AslamDana Leeson and Sean Trainor!

I’ll be there representing EventExtra to run a discussion group aimed at exploring the value of Social Media for Internal Conferences. Its real advantage is in facilitating a lifecycle around events.

The discussion will look at how social media can extend the lifecycle of seminar and conference events to generate real business outcomes.

We’ll have an opportunity to look at how Social tools can be used before, during and after events. And perhaps most importantly, why this matters!

I always feel we should practice what we preach to those we work with. With that in mind, we’ve created this short video which gives a little consideration to some of the issues we might discuss on the day.

If you can’t see it below, go directly to it here.

For more details and to sign up for the conference, just visit the Simply Smile website!

The Twitter hashtag is #smwSMILE

Post author: Matt O’Neill.

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