Milan Social Media Week: Italy gets engaged

Social Media Week is taking place around the globe for the next seven days and a very special event is happening in Milan tomorrow as part of it.

A few months ago I was invited to detail Engage for Success on PR Conversations by content editor, Judy Gombita. (She was one of the original contributors when Toni Muzi Falconi began PR Conversations back in 2007, and remains one of the three current principals of PR Conversations Redux relaunched in 2010, together with Heather Yaxley and Markus Pirchner–also one of the original contributors). Toni, or the ‘Grandfather of PR’ as he is affectionately known, is also one of the founders and the inaugural chair of the Global Alliance.

Toni was intrigued to read on PR Conversations about the UK’s programme, and requested an introduction with me. We met one Saturday morning in London just before Christmas to talk all things employee engagement and communication.

I then facilitated an introduction with David MacLeod, Co-chair of Engage for Success. The three of us spoke on the phone together to share ideas and talk about the exciting plans for an Italian movement inspired by Engage for Success.

This week it is coming to life and being launched in Milan as part of Social Media Week, and looks set to benefit the Italian economy and employees. There is a strong community dedicated to corporate communication professionals in Italy, called Comunicatorinterni. It has an online platform, which looks at new trends in internal communication and is promoted by Methodos.

This community has created the new initiative after being inspired by Engage for Success and it is called ImpresAperta. It intends to collect challenges and goals and become an environment for in-depth discussion on communication issues and involvement in organisations, to benefit them now and in the future.

It has a strategic theme: looking at the involvement of employees in organisation as the key to enhance creativity and potential of people, accelerate business performance and contribute to a re-launch of the country.

Through Social Media Week tomorrow, ImpresAperta aims to raise awareness of what it is doing among people, groups, organisations and those in power, to help them realise the potential for innovation and creativity of workers. In particular it wants to highlight the benefits of having workers being engaged with their roles to help contribute to organisational success and the achievement of objectives.

A video is going to be shown tomorrow featuring David MacLeod from Engage for Success, supporting the Italian initiative, and you can see it below.

If you’ve not come across Engage for Success before, but are interested in employee engagement, do check out their website. It is packed with hints, tips and resources to equip you to have conversations in your workplace. They are currently looking for someone to be seconded to support the movement, read all about it. There are ongoing events for internal communication professionals and those interested in employee engagement. This includes regional practitioner events in in Kent on 27 February and one in Birmingham on 10 April.

You can follow them on Twitter @engage4success or ImpresAperta @Impresaperta.

Further reading: See PR Conversations for an interview with Toni on employee segmentation, which is exciting research he is currently devising. Following the successful reception of my Engage for Success guest post, I was happy to accept a second request to devise an interview for “PR Conversation” with Toni.

It published this week and is already receiving attention, so thanks to @jgombita, who is not only a PR Conversations’ content editor, but my Windmill Networking colleague (who writes a monthly column on #socialPR).

Post author: Rachel Miller

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