Podcast: Being Candid with Amrit Nijjar

Amrit Nijjar is Inclusion & Belonging Manager at Tarmac.

In this tenth episode of the Candid Comms podcast, we talk candidly about her work.

Amrit shared advice to help Internal Communicators think about the importance of inclusion and belonging.

She also revealed what her company has been doing, including an internal campaign and launching communities. I know you’ll leave this episode full of bright ideas and things to remember, you’ll want a notepad to hand for this one.

Amrit Nijjar

Our conversation is packed with practical ideas and inspirational advice, to help internal communicators thrive in your role and covers:

  • What is belonging and inclusion?
  • Why Amrit moved into this work from IC
  • The importance of communities inside organisations
  • The role of leaders when thinking about belonging and inclusion
  • How internal communication can help diversity and inclusion ambitions
  • Amrit’s advice for internal communicators.

Thank you Amrit for agreeing to be on the show and for being so generous with your knowledge. You can find her on LinkedIn.

Further resources from this episode:

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What is the podcast?

The Candid Comms podcast is a weekly show designed to connect internal communication professionals to the latest advice and guidance.

I launched it in January 2021 and this week it hit the 5000 downloads mark. It was number 10 in UK Apple Podcasts chart for Management yesterday.

Previous episodes:

Thank you to my Producer Debbie West of Seren Creative. You can listen to Candid Comms via this page or online.

Thank you to everyone who has listened to the series so far. It’s been heard by people around the globe and I love hearing your feedback about what you’re doing differently as a result of tuning in.

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First published on the All Things IC blog 28 March 2021.


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  2. Chantel Dixon says:

    Another great show packed with gems for all IC Practitioners. I definitely took loads of notes. Thank you Amrit and Rachel.

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  4. […] Episode ten: Being Candid with Amrit Nijjar […]

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