Introducing PR Bloggers – for people who blog about PR

PR Bloggers is a new Twitter account created for people in the public relations industry to share and discover PR blog posts, news and events.

You can find it @PR_Bloggers. I asked its creator Rebecca Henderson to share the thinking behind the account and how you can get involved.

She’s a PR Account Exec at Lee Peck Media and a PR MA Graduate from Solent University here in the UK.

I’ve been blogging since March 2009 and have written 1032 articles over the past eight years.

If you’re thinking about writing a blog, see the advice in my 1000th post: What writing 1000 blog posts has taught me.

Good luck to everyone up for gongs at the National Blog Awards tonight, especially Helen Reynolds @helreynolds.

I’ll hand you over to Rebecca…

Introducing PR Bloggers for people who blog about PR

The PR Bloggers Twitter account, @PR_Bloggers, was created when I was looking at other blogging niches and how to further promote my own PR and lifestyle blog, Bright Lights Big City.

I realised that other fields have promotional Twitter accounts that retweet them and support them with mentions.

Beauty, travel and lifestyle bloggers have lots of accounts that offer them support in promoting their posts.

But, there weren’t any Twitter accounts that I could find specifically for public relations bloggers, so I decided to set one up.

Everyone needs a bit of support and I thought it’s about time that PR bloggers have the same opportunity to boost their posts.

My aim is to provide PR bloggers with a place to promote their posts to a wider audience and allow people to discover new bloggers that are writing on similar topics.

Discovering new blogs to read and follow is part of continually learning and growing.

There’s something really exciting about finding out about news, trends and opinions, and I want to nurture that feeling in other PR professionals and give them a platform to share.

It’s very early days, but the account has attracted a lot of influential followers in the PR community.

I’m excited to see the account grow, it’s almost reached 100 followers in its first week of being live. I hope the account keeps growing to create a strong network for public relations bloggers.

If you are looking to promote your PR post and blog, then please tag us using #PRBloggers or @PR_Bloggers for a mention and a retweet.

Post author: Rebecca Henderson

Thank you Rebecca. Do check out @PR_Bloggers and tag your Tweets to share them.

PR blogs

There have been various PR blog lists published in recent years. If you’re looking for blogs to follow, here are some lists and ideas to get you started:

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50 UK Female PR bloggers – compiled by Sarah Stimson in response to the lack of women in Vuelio’s PR Blogs UK Top 10.

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Bridget Aherne
Cleo Lindo
Claudia Barnett
Donna White
Gillian Neild
Gloria Lombardi
Hannah Kelly-Price
Hannah Lennox
Heather Yaxley
Iliyana Stareva
Jane Revell
Jemima Dye
Jemima Gibbons
Joanna Xiourouppa
Julie Knapp
Kate Hartley
Katie Howell
Kelly Hewitt
Laura Bradley
Laura Sutherland
Lauren Whitty
Leanne Ross
Livi Wilkes
Lyndsey Collumbell
Natalia Szczepanek
Polly Snell
Rachel Miller
Rebecca Henderson
Sally Keith
Sarah Hall
Sarah Hall (#FuturePRoof)
Sarah Pinch
Sarah Stimson
Sarah Stimson (PRcareers)
Siobhan Filsell
Sophie Fenelon
Victoria Tomlinson
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Who’s on your blogroll?

Thank you for stopping by,


Post author: Rebecca Henderson. First published on the All Things IC blog 21 April 2017.


  1. Corina says:

    Hey Rachel,

    That’s awesome. Looking forward to reading more about @PR_Bloggers.


  2. Thank you Corina, I like the thinking behind Rebecca’s idea too.

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