Pre-order my book today

After nearly five months of writing, I’ve submitted my book to the publisher.

If you attended All Things IC Live in May, you were the first to know the news.

I shared how I’d been approached by Kogan Page to consider writing a book on internal communication, and had said yes.

Fast forward to today, and Internal Communication: design, develop and transform your organizational communication is available to pre-order. It will be published in May 2024.

You’ve been asking me when it will be available, so this blog post is to update you with the latest news.

You can order the book via your favourite bookstore or find it online, including Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and Foyles.

Thank you to everyone who has got in touch to tell me you’ve already ordered your copy.


Rachel Miller's IC book on a table with a teal pad and pen

Kogan Page asked me if there was a particular colour I had in mind for the cover. You’ll not be surprised to learn that teal was top of my list.

I love what they came up with. When I showed the draft to my 11-year-old daughter a couple of months ago she said: “Mummy if I saw the words internal communication on a teal cover, I would know instantly it was your book” – which was all the endorsement I needed!

The images on this page are mock-ups using the artwork. My children can’t wait for me to see the book for the first time and hold it in my hands, and I’m excited for that too.

What’s inside the book

Internal Communication Strategy is the book I wish existed when I was working in-house.

It draws on my experience of working in this field since 2003 and has been designed to support and encourage internal communicators. When I moved into more senior roles, I would have benefited from having this book to hand, as a guide to refer to.

I’ve included comms theory and plenty of comms reality and have also published some of my own models. If you’ve attended a Masterclass with me at any point since 2016, you’ll have seen me drawing them out on flip charts.

Whether you’re just starting out, building a team, or developing an IC strategy, you’ll find advice and guidance in the book to help you.

I’ve loved writing it and have done so candidly, highlighting mistakes I’ve made and what I’ve learned along the way.

The MILLER Framework provides the structure for the book. I’ve analysed each stage in detail and featured expert views from the industry, so you’ll not only learn how to write an IC strategy, but how to implement it too.

You’ll find expert views from clients and comms friends who have revealed their experiences of working in internal communication, plus how they solve problems and work strategically. Thank you to everyone who responded to my requests to share your insights, I know you’ll enjoy reading their wisdom as much as I have.

I’ll share more details about what to expect from the book when we get closer to the publication date.

What the publishers say

Publishers Kogan Page say: “Getting internal communication right starts with having a clear strategy. Internal Communication Strategy is your all-in-one guide to designing, developing and delivering an effective internal communication strategy that will inspire and motivate your employees.”

“Written by award-winning communications professional Rachel Miller, this book tackles the key topics facing the industry today including communicating with neurodiverse employees, how to influence at C-suite level, the effect of hybrid working and how to measure the impact and prove the value of internal communication”- Kogan Page.

“Drawing on the author’s 20 years of experience, and featuring case studies from the industry, this book covers not only how to develop and write an internal communication strategy, but also how to practically implement it throughout your organization to create a shared understanding and vision. With the industry constantly evolving, this book gives you a solid framework to return to when you need to refresh your strategy, providing actionable guidance and best-practice insights throughout” – Kogan Page.


Where to pre-order your copy

My book is available to pre-order today, ahead of publication in May 2024.

You can order it via your favourite bookstore or find it online, including Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and Foyles. It will also be available via Kogan Page’s website and the publication price is £31.99.

If you would like to talk with us about book readings, signings or publicity opportunities, please get in touch.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this process. I’m grateful to my family, team, clients and comms friends who have been so encouraging.

It’s been an extraordinary few months trying to run a business, look after three children and write a book. Perhaps one day I’ll share the secret of how I hyperfocus while writing, I’ve learnt so much about my own mind and rituals through this process!

For now, thank you for all the excitement and encouragement. This feels like an important stage as it means getting my thoughts into the hands of internal communicators is a step closer. I know how useful I would have found the thoughts in the book, and I can’t wait for you to benefit from them.


Post author: Rachel Miller

First published on the All Things IC blog 25 September 2023.


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