Internal Communication Strategy: design, develop and transform your organizational communication is available to order today.

This is the book I wish existed when I was working in-house. It draws on my experience of working in this field since 2003 and has been designed to support and encourage internal communicators.

Whether you’re just starting out, building a team, or developing an IC strategy, you’ll find advice and guidance to help you.

The MILLER Framework provides the structure for the book. I’ve analysed each stage in detail and highlighted expert views from the industry, so you’ll not only learn how to write an IC strategy, but how to implement it too.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much I’ve loved writing it,

“Rachel has combined evidence-based insights with her experience and expertise to produce this must-have guide to strategic internal comms. Quite simply this is a strategic IC coach in a book!”

Dr Christine Shukis-Brown, Deputy Director of Communications, King’s College London.

What's inside the book

Publishers Kogan Page say: “Getting internal communication right starts with having a clear strategy. Internal Communication Strategy is your all-in-one guide to designing, developing and delivering an effective internal communication strategy that will inspire and motivate your employees. Written by award-winning communications professional Rachel Miller, this book tackles the key topics facing the industry today including communicating with neurodiverse employees, how to influence at C-suite level, the effect of hybrid working and how to measure the impact and prove the value of internal communication.”

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What's inside the book?

Internal Communication Strategy honours the hard work of internal communicators, highlights some outstanding examples of IC I’ve not been able to share before and celebrates the wonderful world of internal communication.

The book is raw, honest and reflects the reality of working as an internal communicator today.

It features mistakes I’ve made, models I’ve developed and candidly addresses some of the biggest challenges facing IC pros. Whether you’re just starting out, or have decades of experience, you’ll benefit from the stories, theory and reality you’ll find in the book.

What the publisher says

“Drawing on the author’s 20 years of experience, and featuring case studies from the industry, this book covers not only how to develop and write an internal communication strategy, but also how to practically implement it throughout your organization to create a shared understanding and vision. With workplaces constantly evolving, this book gives you a solid framework to return to when you need to refresh your strategy, providing actionable guidance and inspirational insights throughout.” – Kogan Page. 



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Where to order

Internal Communication Strategy is available to order today. It’s available in Kindle, paperback and hardcover formats.

The book is now available everywhere! It was released in the UK and rest of world on 3 April 2024 and in the US on 30 April 2024.

You can order it via your favourite bookstore or online, including:

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What people say
about All Things IC

Combining practical advice and methodology with sharp insight and experience, this book is packed with 'need to know' detail. Keep it close - it'll be your go-to reference and guide, equipping you and enabling you to deliver your best.

Suzanne Peck

President, Institute of Internal Communication

What people say
about All Things IC

“This book is a great resource for Internal Communication professionals, offering a blend of practical advice and insightful ideas through The MILLER Framework. It equips readers with necessary skills to craft and implement effective internal communication strategies, essential for thriving in organizational environments.”

Rita Men

Ph.D., APR. Professor, Department of Public Relations, Director of Internal Communication Research, College of Journalism and Communications, University of Florida.

What people say
about All Things IC

Rachel Miller’s Internal Communication Strategy is destined to become a vital resource for those seeking to learn about Internal Communications as well as communicators looking to up their game. The MILLER Framework she introduces is not just innovative but profoundly practical, offering a structured yet flexible approach to crafting effective Internal Communication strategies. This book bridges the gap between theoretical concepts and real-world application, making it an indispensable guide for communicators who aim to deliver meaningful results to their organizations or clients. Rachel’s insights are a testament to her expertise and the evolving nature of internal communications.

Shel Holtz, SCMP

Sr Director, Communications, Webcor.

What people say
about All Things IC

Rachel has written a book that exemplifies her thorough, thoughtful and empathic approach to internal communication. Internal Communication Strategy is a perfect blend of theory and practical application for professionals who aspire to play a strategic role inside their organisations. The book is both current and inclusive.

Katie Macaulay

Managing Director, AB, and host of The Internal Comms Podcast.

What people say
about All Things IC

For over two decades Rachel Miller has been a leading voice and advocate for the integral role of IC globally. She has put her thinking, research and passion into one book for her global IC audience. I particularly enjoyed her “Myths of internal communication” and her belief that “internal communication is a business function because it enables a business to function”. I couldn’t agree more. An important resource and a must-read for IC professionals.

Priya Bates

President, Inner Strength Communication

What people say
about All Things IC

What I most admire about Rachel Miller is her clarity. No one explains complex issues more clearly, and this makes her book ideal for students and beginners. But since clear writing requires clarity of thinking, experienced communicators and educators will also find there’s much wisdom in here.

Richard Bailey Hon FCIPR

Senior Lecturer PR, Leeds Beckett University and Editor of PR Academy’s PR Place Insights.

What people say
about All Things IC

Rachel Miller is the Global Internal Comms Oracle and this book is the new internal comms bible for comms professionals. The book distils Rachel’s vast wisdom about developing internal comms strategies that transform organizations into one comprehensive, handy guide. Covering the hot topics in the industry today, it blends practical advice, comms theory and real-life case studies. It will have permanent home on my office bookshelf for years to come.”

Mione Collins

Director Marketing & Corporate Affairs, Tasman Environmental Markets.

What people say
about All Things IC

This book makes an internal comms and people engagement strategy that’s steeped in measurement achievable – no matter your resources. Rachel Miller’s years of experience are evident in how she turns complicated topics into tangible and actionable advice. I urge professionals to keep this book on their desk and use it when they need to improve internal communications, engagement and ultimately their organizational culture.

Sara Luker

Head of People Engagement, OVO