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How to write a speech

Do you have an upcoming speech or presentation to give? How is the preparation going? Does the idea of speaking at conferences fill you with dread because you don’t know what to say, how to plan or where to start? In May 2019 I gave the opening keynote presentation at the Public Relations Society of […]

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How to write an Internal Communication vision

Do you have a vision for Internal Communication in your organisation? Do you need one? A client asked me to review their Internal Communication vision this week and make recommendations on how to improve it. I’ve written and reviewed countless strategies and internal comms plans over the years, but there’s not always an IC vision […]

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A question of comms: Margaret Oscar

What do you like most about working internal communication? Margaret Oscar, Head of Employee Communications and Engagement, is the latest professional communicator to sit in my #questionofcomms hot seat. She’s revealed what she likes most about working in IC, the best advice she’s ever been given and much more. I love publishing content that helps […]

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Ten must-haves for your internal comms strategy

Now, more than ever, global businesses are looking to implement their business strategy with tangible results – and quickly. So if you’re in the hot seat and need to draft an internal communication strategy, what do you need to know? Change and Internal Communications Consultant, Uzma Mohamedali, @uzmamohamedali, is here to share her top ten […]

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Five reasons to get help with change comms

The business world is operating in a state of constant transformation and this is driving the demand for change communications, skills and experience.  This extract from recruiter VMA Group’s latest Inside Insight benchmarking report is underlined by their findings that ‘change communications’ is the third most important skill for an IC practitioner. (Communications planning and Employee […]

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Free internal comms plan template

How good are your planning skills? Need a helping hand? Today I have a guest post and template for you thanks to strategic communications professional Saskia Jones. Saskia (pictured) has wide-ranging experience and has kindly shared her recommended advice to help you plan your internal comms. Her latest role was Head of Communications Engagement at Oxfam, responsible […]

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How to network at comms events

How good are your networking skills? If you’ve been working in internal communication for a while, you may have a large network of comms pros and feel comfortable going to events. But what if you’re new to IC? Or if the thought of going somewhere full of people you don’t know feels you with dread? […]

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The trend internal comms pros need in 2018

Which trends from this year will still be around in 12 months’ time? Today I have predictions from 20 professional communicators so you can see what your peers are saying. It’s been a noisy 2017 in the wonderful world of internal communication. You could even say it’s been #busybusyverybusy, but what will we still be […]

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How to communicate snow comms

It’s snowing in London today and you’re already searching for “snow comms” advice. So freshly blogged, here’s a reminder of what to do if you’re responsible for communicating business continuity plans (bcp), steps to take and how to look like you’re on top of it all. Further reading: See my glossary of internal communication to navigate the […]

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What’s the ideal Christmas gift for Comms pros?

What’s the best gift Comms pros could receive this Christmas? I posed that question to clients and professional communicators in my network and am going to reveal what they said. More time and budget topped the list, featuring in many of their answers. What would you say? Do Tweet me @AllthingsIC or comment below to […]

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Comms pros reveal top tips for Christmas comms

How are your Christmas comms plans going? Every year I publish a guide to help internal communicators get organised. This year it’s packed with advice from practitioners who kindly accepted my invitation to contribute. My thanks to comms friends and clients who have revealed their thoughts alongside my own. I hope you find this article useful to […]

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How to plan your comms diary

It’s currently conference season, with something for communicators of all disciplines and experience to choose from. I know how hard it is to decide where to invest your time, money and effort, so today I have a way of making that choice easier. I also have a challenge for you. Save money with All Things […]

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