What writing a million words on my blog has taught me

What has happened in the world of internal communication over the past decade? Well if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know, as I’m celebrating my blog’s 10th birthday this week. I’ve written a million words about internal communication since creating my blog in March 2009, which equates to 10 books! Whether this is the first […]

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In the spotlight: my interview with Vuelio

What are your views on influencers and PR? Is print dead? How can an organisation transform itself from the inside out? Today I’m proud to be featured on Vuelio’s website in their blogger spotlight. I’ve examined the relationship between influencers and PRs, issues facing the PR industry and my advice for people wanting a career […]

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Thank you for reading one of the UK’s Top 10 PR blogs

Today I discovered the All Things IC blog has been named #3 in the UK Top 10 PR blogs. This accolade from Vuelio wouldn’t have been possible without all of the brilliant guest writers and loyal readers who’ve been actively involved with my blog since March 2009. So whether this is your first visit, or […]

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How blogging can help your business

Are you thinking about starting a blog for you or your company? Want to know how to begin, whether it works and how to promote your content? Today you can hear me talking about all of these topics via the latest podcast from the marvellous Janet Murray from Soulful PR. Janet invited me onto her […]

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Why I’m baking it better for GOSH

Following my article on personal branding last week and all your amazing feedback, I’ve found the courage to be brave and am going to share another side of my story with you. I’m a mum-of-three, my daughter celebrated her fifth birthday at the weekend (I’m still finding glitter in every corner!) and my twin sons turned […]

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Introducing PR Bloggers – for people who blog about PR

PR Bloggers is a new Twitter account created for people in the public relations industry to share and discover PR blog posts, news and events. You can find it @PR_Bloggers. I asked its creator Rebecca Henderson to share the thinking behind the account and how you can get involved. She’s a PR Account Exec at Lee Peck […]

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How to work with bloggers

It’s a woman’s world: three-quarters of UK bloggers are women, and they’re talking a different language to brands, PRs and marketers, says the biggest ever survey of UK bloggers. Do you blog? If so, or you’re looking for ways to develop relationships with bloggers, stay tuned. The most popular blog topics are fashion, beauty and […]

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Back to the future of communication

What is the future of communication? I’m going to share what I think will remain relevant for comms pros whether you’re in 2015 or 3015. I’m looking to the future because 21 October 2015 is officially #backtothefutureday – the date in the iconic Back to the Future films when we’re all meant to be whizzing […]

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What six years of blogging has taught me

What were you doing on 21 March 2009? I was creating Life Through a 2.0 Lens, my first foray into writing a blog, which means today I’m celebrating the sixth birthday of my blog. To mark the occasion, I thought I’d answer the most popular questions I’m asked by people who are thinking of starting their […]

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Could you help promote a human workplace?

We spend 32 per cent of our lives at work. How does your workplace make that time meaningful, gainful and enjoyable? As life evolves we all inevitably experience life changing events like losing loved ones, illness and difficult times. What processes do you have in place to support your employees? Do they actually work? Is simply […]

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Two special reasons why 2014 is ending on a high note

As 2014 draws to a close, I have two special reasons to celebrate how my year is ending. I gave birth to my sons, non-identical twins Charlie and Jack Miller (pictured) on Christmas Day. We’re all doing well and are now home. Alongside Daisy, our two-year-old daughter, my husband and I are discovering what being […]

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Blogging for beginners: an ebook

How do you launch a blog from a blank sheet of paper to building and maintain your own space on the Internet? You’re in the right place to find out. Earlier this year I contributed to an ebook called The Business of Blogging to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the blog and today I’m sharing […]

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