How to say no to logos

How many conversations do you have about logos? I regularly spot cases of logoitis in organisations. If you are working in-house, I’m certain these sound familiar to you… A sense of urgency, typically displayed via the phrase: “This project needs a logo.” “Well X department had a logo for their initiative, so we want one […]

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How to communicate your brand’s integrity

Do you understand your company’s brand? Do you know how to consistently communicate it? Or perhaps your branding guide is gathering dust on a shelf or buried deep in your intranet? I have a treat for you today as I’ve got news of a new book Let’s Get Visible! Get Brand Clarity, Stand Out in […]

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What award-winning employer brands look like

What does an award-winning employer brand look like? You’re in the right place to find out. The Employer Brand Management Awards 2019 were held last night in London. Comedian Kerry Godliman presented them  and you can find all of the winners listed below. Congratulations to everyone who was shortlisted and who won last night. What is […]

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A beginner’s guide to personal branding

Today I’m publishing a beginner’s guide to personal branding so you can get started and find out all you need to know. Organisations such as Warburtons have been talking about personal branding with their employees this year and it’s increasingly featuring in conversations with my clients and network. To help fill in the blanks, I have […]

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How to learn about employer branding

Would you like to learn about employer brand management? Today I’ve got an offer for readers of the All Things IC blog to save you 15% off the upcoming Employer Brand Management conference in London. A few years back I predicted we would be surrounded by conversations about employer brand in future years. It feels […]

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Putting people first – the promise of employer branding

What are your thoughts on employer branding? Employer brand is used to describe an organisation’s reputation as an employer, rather than the general brand reputation. How does yours shape up? Want to know more? I’ve got a guest post to update us on the latest thinking. It’s not new, many companies have been concentrating on their employer brands […]

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The world’s most meaningful brands 2017

Consumers wouldn’t care if 74% of the brands they use just disappeared, and 60% of content produced by brands is declared as poor, irrelevant or failing to deliver. These findings form part of Havas Group’s biennial Meaningful Brands® study, which is packed full of useful information for communicators. I’ve had a look and pulled out what I […]

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Day four: ODEON’s employer brand strategy

Developing and protecting an organisation’s reputation as an employer is important, not only to attract and retain employees, but for a company’s efficiency, brand value and sustainability. On Tuesday 6 December I’ll be attending the Employer Brand Management conference in London to hear the latest case studies. If you’d like to come, don’t forget to […]

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How to learn about employer brand management

Investing in a good employer brand means investing in a good reputation. But in times of change a company’s reputation and, in turn, its employer brand faces pressures and stress. Do we know enough in internal comms about the topic? I think the short answer is no. Today I’ve news of a conference and exclusive […]

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How UKTV launched its company purpose

This summer, UKTV launched its new company purpose to colleagues with a beautiful animation. Soraya Shaboon, UKTV’s Internal Communications Manager is here to tell All Things IC readers the story behind the project. Over to you Soraya… How UKTV launched its company purpose Barely a day has gone by during my time at UKTV when […]

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The inside story of Loughborough’s sporting triumphs

FACT: If Loughborough was a country it would have finished The Games in 17th place on the medal table, ahead of the likes of New Zealand and Canada. Emma Leech, Director of Marketing and Advancement at Loughborough University is here to share the inside story of their current campaign. Emma @EmmaJ70 is one of three candidates […]

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Why the Co-op has had a retro rebrand

Yesterday I went into my local Co-operative store in West London and stopped in my tracks. Facing me was a tote bag with the Co-op‘s new brand. Or to be accurate, their old brand. It brought back memories of my Grandma’s house with her never-ending biscuit supply, and the price stickers on my childhood game of […]

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