Have we made progress on Diversity in PR?

Would you benefit from a safe space to listen, reflect and contribute to diversity conversations that are happening behind closed doors? If so, you’re in the right place. I invited Priya Bates to share news of the upcoming Diversity in PR conference with All Things IC’s readers. The conference is taking place online on 14 […]

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What’s it like to learn about internal comms online?

How do you prefer to learn about internal communication? Within the world of internal communication we are spoilt for choice. If I take All Things IC as an example, we offer 1500 blog posts and 26 Candid Comms podcast episodes to help you learn for free. What is it like to learn about internal communication […]

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Podcast: How to repurpose your internal communication

Do you repurpose your internal communication? How do you make your IC channels work collectively well together? These are some of the topics I’ve examined in this week’s episode of the Candid Comms podcast. This episode includes: What does repurposing mean? What type of content can be repurposed? What mindset is useful when creating content? […]

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Podcast: a candid conversation about inclusion with Keith Riley

This week’s Candid Comms podcast features Keith Riley, Communications Executive at law firm DWF, and I talking about all things diversity and inclusion related. As we recorded this episode, we both built the new Everyone Is Awesome LEGO kit, 40516, which celebrates positivity and kindness in families, communities and the world. This week’s show covers: […]

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Eight professional communication trends

How can you use the power of the whole communication toolkit – also known as proper strategic communication – effectively? We talk a lot in the world of internal communication about working strategically. In fact episode one of season two of my Candid Comms podcast address this exact topic. It will be published tomorrow, Sunday […]

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Who is using podcasts for internal communication?

Are you using a podcast for internal communication inside your organisation? Have you been using audio more over the past year? If you’re thinking about creating an internal podcast, this article will help you think it through. I’m noticing more of my clients using podcasts inside their organisations, from “roving reporter” style shows featuring employees […]

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How to write speeches for leaders during a pandemic

Do you write speeches as part of your role? If so, getting to know who you’re writing for is essential. Over the past year, many internal communicators have found themselves creating key messages, talking points and content for leaders. I’m not a fan of ghostwriting (where speeches or text are officially credited to another person […]

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How to create a sense of belonging for hybrid workers

A sense of belonging is something we all crave, whether in our personal lives or at work. Connecting with people that share our values and passions makes us feel part of something bigger than ourselves. And for so long, that sense of belonging has come from physical interactions as well as, in recent decades, digital […]

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How to communicate a royal funeral

September 2022 update: If you have reached this page following the announcement of the death of The Queen, please refer to these resources to help you: Royal Family website: announcement of the death of The Queen Statement from The King following the death of The Queen Mourning and Condolences timeline Online book of condolences Need […]

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Podcast: Being Candid with Frank Dias

What is it like to work as a Comms Director inside an organisation? When do you know if you’re ready for your next career move? What’s it like to work internationally? This 15th episode of the Candid Comms podcast features Frank Dias, Global Internal Communications Director at AXA XL. It is packed with practical ideas and […]

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Podcast: How to communicate your company’s values

What are your company’s values? Do you have a consistent way of communicating them? Do they feel like words on the wall rather than lived behaviours? The 14th episode of the Candid Comms podcast is out now and packed with practical ideas and inspirational advice, to help internal communicators thrive in their role. It covers: Why […]

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Why I hate spin

There are two words within the world of Comms and PR that are guaranteed to set my teeth on edge. The first, and if you’re a regular reader of my All Things IC blog you’ll know this, is land. Yuck. I’m not going to go into that today. There’s a whole separate blog post on […]

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