What award-winning employer brands look like

What does an award-winning employer brand look like? You’re in the right place to find out. The Employer Brand Management Awards 2019 were held last night in London. Comedian Kerry Godliman presented them  and you can find all of the winners listed below. Congratulations to everyone who was shortlisted and who won last night. What is […]

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How to improve mental health in the workplace

The media is rightfully putting a huge focus on our mental health in the UK. According to charity Mind, approximately one in four adults will experience a mental health issue each year. Staggeringly, one in six of us report experiencing a common mental health problem each week. With anxiety and depression the biggest issues, this […]

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How to learn about employer branding

Would you like to learn about employer brand management? Today I’ve got an offer for readers of the All Things IC blog to save you 15% off the upcoming Employer Brand Management conference in London. A few years back I predicted we would be surrounded by conversations about employer brand in future years. It feels […]

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Putting people first – the promise of employer branding

What are your thoughts on employer branding? Employer brand is used to describe an organisation’s reputation as an employer, rather than the general brand reputation. How does yours shape up? Want to know more? I’ve got a guest post to update us on the latest thinking. It’s not new, many companies have been concentrating on their employer brands […]

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How PwC responded to that pair of heels

This week PwC hit the headlines after a receptionist was sent home from work after refusing to wear high heels. Today their Head of People and Executive Board Member Gaenor Bagley @gaenorbagley published a searingly honest article on the PwC blog. In it, she shared their side of the story and how they have “learnt the hard way it is critical […]

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Is your office a productive haven?

What are the benefits of having a well-designed office? Can it help employees be more productive? I spend a lot of time in clients’ workplaces. From factories to stations, hangars to boardrooms, I’ve seen the good, bad and the ugly. My view? Having table football and beanbags does not always equal operational success if your culture […]

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Ready for National Employee Motivation Day?

Tomorrow is Employee Motivation Day here in the UK. It’s a chance to encourage everyone in your company to show their appreciation for each other’s hard work. We all know you should be doing that anyway, but it’s a timely reminder of the importance of small actions. Employee Motivation Day (EMD) was launched by Argos for […]

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What’s the point of organisational purpose?

Consumers and citizens respond to emotional stimuli aligned to their own goals in their life. Smart organisations are confident and root their communication in their organisational purpose. They understand their publics because they listen and create content that resonates, is appropriate and easy to appreciate. Does this ring true for you? This is just one […]

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What you need to know about mental wellbeing

Today is the start of Mental Health Awareness Week 2015 #MHAW15, so I thought I’d share some resources to help you think through how to communicate mental wellbeing. It’s time to talk about mental health. The era of the stigma is over, and as communicators we can facilitate those conversations and discussions in our organisations (Tweet this) […]

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The 10 strangest job interview questions in the UK

Who is your favourite Disney Princess? How would you describe the colour yellow to a blind person? These are just two of the strangest questions that have been asked in job interviews globally. Does your organisation have any odd questions? What’s their purpose? Today I’m going to share with you the top 10 oddest interview questions in […]

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Video: How Jamie Oliver creates his company’s culture

The undeniable importance of a company’s culture permeates everything an organisation does, from its day-to-day operations to the way it recruits. Or at least it should. But how does it work when a company has one person as its centre? How do you translate their thoughts into an actionable strategy and way of working? Today […]

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How to develop your internal communication career

Are you looking to make your next career move within the world of corporate communication? Every week I am contacted by professionals who are on the hunt for a new role, want to know what events are on, find courses to attend or books to read. There are 1000 articles on this blog packed with […]

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